Test results are only partially parsed into "Test"-view

Simonw August 3, 2022

I have a build task defined in Bamboo that runs unit- and integration-tests using maven surefire and maven failsafe respectively. 

Both plugins works perfectly fine and create the expected .xml report results for all tests that are being executed, regardless of them being unit- or integration-tests. 
Prior to a recent change all test results were generated by the surefire plugin, which after the build were correctly parsed into the build's "Test" view in for the Job.
The .xml output was created in **/target/surefire-reports/ (which seems to be the default folder for test results, yet those weren't correctly parsed if not specified directly in the job's settings, for some reason). Now the integration-test results are produced into a separate folder **/target/failsafe-reports/ which is also added to the jobs config to scan for test results. 

But since the change only the surefire-reports are being parsed and displayed as test-results. Even if only given the failsafe-reports folder in the job's config, those results are not parsed at all. The only difference in the generated xml-files is the schema location, which suggests that files not using the surefire-schema are being ignored categorically?

Does anyone have experience with a similar issue and knows a workaround to get Bamboo to parse these files as well? Currently there is no option to go back to the previous setup of the project only using one plugin, so this is what we're stuck with for the time being.

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