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Remote agent suddenly became offline, why ?

kriegalex November 10, 2020

My remote agent suddenly become offline on the 7th of November, after working flawlessly for a while. Those are the debug steps I've taken so far. Nothing worked. I'll be grateful for some help, because now I'm a bit lost.

  • Reboot server and agent
  • Check firewalls to be sure 54663 is still opened for both server and agent. Taking inspiration from another post I saw in the community, I've been able to successfully call "telnet server-bamboo 54663" and connect
  • Check the workaround for SSL secure connection is still in the configuration
  • Reinstall the remote agent from scratch
  • Check that bamboo is still v6.10.3 and that nothing was changed
  • Check java is still OpenJDK v1.8.0 
  • Check bamboo's certificate is not expired
  • Revert secure connection to non secure (ssl://    ->    tcp:// ) for remote agent
  • Reinstall the remote agent from scratch

The error with secure connection was:

ERROR [ActiveMQ BrokerService[bamboo] Task-20] [TransportConnector] Could not accept connection from tcp://AGENT-IP:7756 :

ERROR [ActiveMQ BrokerService[bamboo] Task-33] [TransportConnector] Could not accept connection from tcp://AGENT-IP:37703 : Remote host terminated the handshake

Now without secure connection:

 WARN [ActiveMQ Transport: tcp:///] [Transport] Transport Connection to: tcp://AGENT-IP:30445 failed: 

EDIT : the remote agent is now working with TCP. The workaround flag for SSL needs to be removed from the Broker client URI. Still don't know why the secure version is not working.

EDIT 2 : just tried the secure connection without the workaround flag, didn't work

EDIT 3 : it almost looks like with or without the workaround flag in secure mode (ssl://), the result is the same. Now that I've tested without the flag, it seems to me that the workaround is not effective anymore, because the error messages look the same. But I have no idea why it would stop working suddenly.

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Luca Aliberti June 2, 2021

I am having the same issue. Anyone from atlassian?

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