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JUnit Parser - Failing task since test cases were expected but none were found.

Eric Bosch June 9, 2023

The JUnit Parser configuration looks like below. In one of the earlier steps I copied to xml file to the workspace folder (${}).  


A dir of the workspace shows that the file was successfully copied.


The task ended with the following error:


The xml file (based on JUnit) I want to parse looks like:

<testsuite tests="14" id="1" package="flow_control.calculate_release_rates.unit_integration_test.uit_adb_fc_crr.ProductFeatures" errors="0" failures="0" name="Product Features" time="10.281166" timestamp="2023-06-15T09:26:43" hostname="VI\SRV03847">
<testcase classname="flow_control.calculate_release_rates.unit_integration_test.uit_adb_fc_crr.ProductFeatures" name="ADB_FC_BothTsmZeroCapacity # [00], Both TSM no capacity" time=".247183"> </testcase>
<testcase classname="flow_control.calculate_release_rates.unit_integration_test.uit_adb_fc_crr.ProductFeatures" name="ADB_FC_OneLoopZeroRatesFit # [01], One loop zero rate, fitting rates" time=".058635"> </testcase>
<testsuite tests="14" id="2" package="flow_control.calculate_release_rates.unit_integration_test.uit_adb_fc_crr" errors="0" failures="0" name="ADB_UIT_FlowControl_AUTO" time="15.278026" timestamp="2023-06-15T09:26:43" hostname="VI\SRV03847">

Why do I get this error? Is it not a compatible JUnit format for Bamboo?

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