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Is there way to chage specs varaible?

Vasiliy Zavoyko July 26, 2022

I am looking for a way to chage specs driven deplyment varaible.
I have a Java spec driven bamboo deployment plan, it contains bamboo variables, but since those variables are spec driven, I'm not allowed to change them using the UI.
So I'm looking for a way to create a variable that I can modify.

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jvelapol July 29, 2022

I have found that once I'm using Specs to manage a build or deployment plan, I can no longer edit any of the contents of that build plan or deployment plan.

However, one thing you could try is, knowing that variables in a Deployment plan inherit the variables in the Build plan that it's based on.  If that build plan isn't managed by specs, you can create another variable in that build plan.  If your Build Plan is also managed by specs, the Build Project that contains the Build Plan can also have "Project Variables" that are ultimately inherited by the Build Plan, and thus the Deployment Project.  The downside is that you can't (without some kludge) have a Deployment Environment specific changeable variable in the Build Project variables.  For example, if there is a "deployment_target_host" variable that you define differently for each environment you deploy to, you'll have to do something like define the Build Project variable as "deployment_target_host_ENV1", "deployment_target_host_ENV2", etc, and then have some logic in the deployment environments that choose the "deployment_target_host" based on the names of the keys.  It's kind of kludgy, which means it's kind of fragile, but I guess it works.

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