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Peter October 30, 2020



Firstly I seem to be unable to report a bug for Bamboo, Not sure if this is due to not having the product on my account or not (the product is on a corporate account I do not have access too)

Although a trivial bug, it is quite an annoyance when trying to sort out a failing install.

When installing the remote agent files are generated in ~/bamboo-agent-home (testing under my own user for the moment). One of those is the Atlassian-bamboo-agent.log, when running the agent this file is populated with all the log data as you would expect.

The installation is failing for me and it cycles in a loop, I need to see the output but it flies by too fast. The logs however are useless. The log is being emptied just before the looping occurs thus wiping out a java exception message that flies by too fast to stop. So I now know that an exception is being caused but the installer is removing the existing content of the log the log (why, surely this defeats the point of the log)

Surely this should either:

  • Cycle the log
  • Append messages to the end of the log

Of course this can be overcame by doing something like:

java -jar atlassian-bamboo-agent-installer-7.0.2.jar http://URL/bamboo/agentServer/ | tee output.log

But this really should not be necessary.

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