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Hung Build Criteria

RayFroehlich May 13, 2022

I have a plan that includes a single stage with mutliple jobs each with unique requirements.  I would like builds for these jobs to be considered "hung" and terminated if they've been queued for over 3 hours, since it is not uncommon for some requirements to be unable to be met.

The "Override default hanging build detection criteria" option is selected for all jobs, and the "Build time multiplier" is set to 2.5, the "Log quiet time" parameter is set to 5 (minutes), and the "Build queue timeout" is set to 180 (minutes).

However, I am still observing behavior where a couple of the jobs remain queued for over 10 hours because there is no agent capable of building them (basically until I manually cancel the build).  Shouldn't the 3-hour "Build queue timeout" have kicked in and caused this build to be considered "hung" and therefore killed?  Or am I misunderstanding how these parameters and hung builds work?

I'm using Bamboo Server 6.10.6.

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