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HeWi October 3, 2019


I have a question about the Gatekeeper workflow with Bamboo:

Imagine I am working as recommended with a Develop mainline, for which a build plan is created in Bamboo. I will set the following options in the Branches tab of the Develop build plan:

  • In the "Automatic branch management" of the Develop build plan I did select the option to create another build plan, when a branch gets created in the repository.
  • Merging: I activate automatic merging with the Gatekeeper scenario. HERE is my first question: How will it know about the correct settings for future build plan? (Like the checkbox "Push on") Do I need to set this checkbox manually?
  • I set the build trigger on "Push in repository"


  1. So, when I want to add a feature on the Develop base. I create a branch in Bitbucket Server, which will trigger the Create event in Bamboo, and another build plan like "BP_Feature_X" gets created with the settings from the Develop build plan, right?
  2. After a while, I am finished with the feature in code and push the changes/feature branch "Feature_X" to repository.  Because I did set the build trigger on "Push in repository", will the build plan start to run and the auto merge gatekeeper option kick in? Will "Merge From" automatically be set to the "Develop" branch? Does this mean, that I am only allowed to push the Feature branch "Feature_X" to repository, when I am done working on the feature? Else, each push will result in an auto merge.

Or is there any mistake in the workflow described above? I am curious about how it should be done.


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