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Do I store individual specs with my project or am I supposed to have one repository full of them?

Victorio Berra September 26, 2019

The docs are confusing on this point but the fact that it looks for `bamboo-specs/bamboo.yaml` kind of sounds like you can only have ONE spec file that rides with the code you are trying to build and deploy. Just like AppVeyor and Azure Pipelines and all that.


Also, I now have a "Specs" dropdown in Bamboo, where I can "Set up repository-stored Specs" I dont get what that means. I thought all I had to do was to link a repo and enable spec scanning. Now it seems like I have to go to the project level and tell it which repositories should have access? Even though my plan with the spec is already in the repo.

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mpflugfelder February 3, 2020

This is a really good question.  If it's not already outlined in the documentation, it should be.  I was under the assumption that the specs should be stored in the repo with the code, but as I was looking over documentation and Bamboo, I became confused.  It's good to know that my original assumption was correct.

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Alexander September 26, 2019

Your statement about having one spec file is mostly correct. While there is only one bamboo.yaml file in your spec, you can have it reference multiple yaml files to build plans and permissions around your projects.


You can even create multiple build and/or deploy plans in the same repository, just include them in your yaml file.

!include 'build.yaml'
!include 'deploy.yaml'
!include 'permissions.yaml'
# so on and so forth

As for the setting up repository specs, here's what you should do:

  1. Create a new linked repository in Bamboo
  2. Ensure that the build project that the specs reference is created
  3. Enable bamboo specs in your linked repository (it has its own tab)
  4. Check the permission to allow this repo to "Access all projects"

Once that is done, you might have to click Specs > Set up Specs Repository and select the build project you want to build in, then select the repo with your specs in it to force a refresh (we're currently migrating to 6.9.2 and our dev environment's "Scan" button doesn't quite work yet, YMMV). 

If the branch that you selected when you were creating your repo has Specs in it, you should see both the build and deploy plans that the specs define be created in Bamboo.

And to answer the question that you answered at the top of the page: yes, you should store your bamboo specs in the same repo as your code. The build and deploy processes for that repo are tightly coupled with the code in that repo, and should be stored together! 

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