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Can Bamboo DataCenter run well in a container?

gabriel_silva November 13, 2023


I'm planning the migration of a neglected Bamboo server, as well as its ongoing support.

Our current setup consists of a large EC2 instance running Bamboo Server 7.2 with no remote agents; all builds and deployments are managed by 15 virtual agents. (I guess main driver for this migration end-of-life of Bamboo Server).

Ideally, I would like to deploy it on a Kubernetes Cluster, but that's not feasible within my company's current infrastructure. Moreover, I am required to training our engineers to support this new architecture. So, I am focusing on more incremental improvements to start with.

I believe that simplifying the process by using containers should alleviate concerns about future upgrade ... So ...

Here’s the approach I am considering - Please keep in mind that I must follow this upgrade path: 7.2.x → 8.0.12 → 9.4.x.

1 - Containerize Bamboo DataCenter 8 and start the container with Docker, mapping the old Bamboo folders to the container.

2 - After the migration to Bamboo 8 is complete, I will repeat this step for Bamboo 9.

3 - Initially, I plan to keep it running with the same virtual agents. Then, in the following week, I will introduce a remote agent and gradually phase out the virtual agents.

4 - Train the people :)

Just looking for some advise. Are there any concerns with running the server and agents in a container? Also, assuming the host server has sufficient resources, do you anticipate any stability issues?



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haneryyy November 14, 2023

Your migration plan seems sound. Containerizing Bamboo Data Center is a good approach, and using Docker to map old Bamboo folders can simplify the process. Running the server and agents in containers is generally feasible, but it's essential to ensure the host server has sufficient resources for stability. Be attentive during the migration to Bamboo 8 and then Bamboo 9, ensuring a smooth transition. Introducing a remote agent gradually and phasing out virtual agents is a practical strategy. Lastly, training your team is key to successfully adopting and supporting the new architecture. Overall, your incremental approach and focus on containers align well with best practices for a Bamboo upgrade. 

Best of luck with your migration!

gabriel_silva November 14, 2023

Thanks for the feedback haneryyy.

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