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Bamboo specification yaml include a task

Jurn van Mieghem December 4, 2020

I am currently investigating the use of Bamboo-specs using yaml. As we have a few scripted tasks that are fairly similar for different jobs I wanted to separate the script from the rest of the spec file. However I am getting errors;

Bamboo YAML import failed: Document structure is incorrect: Run tests / tasks / [1]: Task must have its type defined as the only YAML property

Stucture of bamboo-specs.yaml;

version: 2
project-key: DDNAM
name: Testing - ATL UI regression (experimental)
- Run all tests:
manual: false
final: false
- Run tests
Run tests:
key: CT
- checkout:
path: testing
force-clean-build: 'true'
- !include 'tasks/robot_run_chrome.yaml'
- !include 'tasks/robot_run_firefox.yaml'
......more config....


script: |
./scripts/ -t "${bamboo_RobotFiles}" \
--variable browser:Chrome \
...some other variables....
--variable BambooBuildID:${bamboo.buildResultKey}
exit 0
workingDirectory: testing

 Can someone help me out on how to make these files work


We use Bamboo 7.1.1 (on premise)


---- UPDATE-----

Apparently the workingDirectory property caused an issue, if I remove it the task works.

However how can I add the workingDirectory to this script or is cd to folder the only option?

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Thomas Minney May 16, 2022

After having this error myself, I found the problem was incorrect indentation of properties within a task's YAML definition.

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Thomas Minney May 16, 2022

The working directory for a script is specified using


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