Bamboo limitations Vs. Jenkins : Conditional stages

Mark Ryan January 29, 2020

So .. I am currently looking to migrate our existing Jenkins environment to Bamboo (the obvious advantages being better integration with Jira/Bitbucket/etc .. Repo caching on the Bamboo Server, ... )

But .. it is proving very frustrating to implement anything other than the absolute simplest of strategies .... which are simply not adequate for us. I am hoping I am just not seeing something obvious and maybe someone out there has any ideas as to how I might achieve what we need ..

We make a number of changes to our source code repos that require a bit of analysis and based upon that analysis may or may not trigger a rebuild. In order to take advantage of Plan Dependencies, I need to be able to trigger a Plan and then (preferably within the first Stage of that plan) decide whether the change warrants a version increment and a rebuild. The best example here being C++ libraries that may or may not contain ABI breaking code. We rebuild our libraries and update the reference (usually a symbolic link) within the downstream repo to point to the new C++ libraries. If the new library maintains the same ABI then the module does not need to be rebuilt but an ABI break would warrant a rebuild.

What I would like to be able to do is, within the first stage of the build plan, look at the code base and decide whether the current changeset warrants a rebuild. I cannot see any way of exiting the plan without 'Failing' the build .. 

The best option would be 'No Build Required' status or a 'Success' status (but without executing the subsequent stages).

The functionality we require has, as far as I can see, already been rejected in but I was wondering if anyone has found a workaround ...


This is a big blocker for us and (especially given improved integration to Jenkins in Bitbucket 6.8) makes tools like Jenkins more attractive :( 


Thanks in advance for any help



PS. I know Bamboo get's used for lots of different projects but I this comment in BAM-13321 made me laugh..!

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