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Venkat Pasula September 11, 2018

We are using Bamboo Version 6.4.0. We have 6 Environments in a Bamboo Deployment Plan as shown below


We want Env6 to be executed only after Env1 thru Env5 are successfully deployed.
We set the Triggers accordingly ( After Successful deployment of Env1 thru Env5).
This setup seems not working if any of the Dependent enviroments ( Env1 thru ENV5) fails.

Can someone suggest a work around for this?.

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Venkat Pasula September 14, 2018


Thank you so much for your reply. I think you din't understand our situation.Let me explain you our situation one more time.

We have Bamboo Deployment Plan which has 6 deployment environments ( Env1 , Env2 ,Env3, Env4 , Env5 and Env6 ).

We want Env6 to deployed only if all of the depending Environments ( Env1 , Env2 ,
Env3, Env4 , Env5 ) are deployed successfully.

We setup the Triggers for Env6 accordingly ( After Successful deployment of Env1 thru Env5 ).We were expecting Env6 will be deployed only once ( when all of the Env1 thru Env5 are deployed successfully.

But the problem is sometimes Env6 is being deployed 5 times which means , Env6 is being deployed immediately after Env1 , Env2 ,Env3, Env4 , Env5 are deployed.

Rajath Veeramanchala September 15, 2018



If Env6 is deploying five times, I guess you have given 5 triggers for it to trigger.  That is not the ideal case. If you want to trigger Env6 only after all the other environments are successful, you should follow the method like I said. 

Your method (assumption) :

Triggers in Env6 :  Env1 , Env2 ,Env3, Env4 , Env5 

This will result in triggering Env6 everytime one of the Env1 - Env5 are successful making 5 deployments for Env6


Correct way : 

Triggers in Env2 : Env1 

Trigger in Env3 : Env2

Trigger in Evn4 : Env3

Trigger in Env5 : Env4 

Trigger in Evn6 : Env5

This way Env6 will trigger only after all the first 5 Env are successful. Also if any of the first 5 fails it`ll stop the flow and Env1 can be triggered manually or by the bamboo plan providing artifacts to it.


Hope this helps.




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Rajath Veeramanchala September 12, 2018

Hi Venkat,

You can have a After Successful deployment trigger in each environment with the triggering environment being the previous environment as shown below :

If you have three environments dev, qa , prod. Configure triggers only in qa and prod with triggering environment as below :

dev <- can be triggered from bamboo plan or can be manual

qa <- dev ( triggered by dev deployment once it is success )

prod <- qa  ( triggered by qa deployment once it is success )

Do not create multiple triggers like below :

qa <- dev

prod <- dev , qa 

By doing so , prod will trigger in cases dev is successful but qa failed.

Hope this helps.




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