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JIRA Instance Size & XML file structure

Baybars Kumbasar September 2, 2021

I need to use JIRA site import to migrate our instance to the cloud and I have a question about the checklist there.

Pre-migration checklist item #3 says 

Ensure that the backup file is correctly structured for import. If you have a large instance, we recommend  into a database file containing your activeobjects.xml and entities.xml, and a separate one for your attachments and other media.

This can help avoid timeout errors and reduce the risk of issues on import.

My question is: What is considered large? My entities.xml + activeobjects.xml file sizes are 1.8GB only when unzipped. Is that large?  



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Italo _Modus Create_ September 2, 2021

Hi @Baybars Kumbasar ,

Your site is not large, it's more to medium size. 

What is the size of your attachments folder? There are few alternatives on how to upload JIRA attachments that can increase the site import process.

The site import migration method is more complex than JIRA Cloud Migration Assistant (JCMA). Sometimes you must apply a workaround manually in the XML and reconfigure plugins as part of post-migrations.

Due to this reason, you should consider working with an Atlassian Partner to assist you in the cloud migration journey.

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Baybars Kumbasar September 3, 2021

Attachments are 24GB in size. 

Italo _Modus Create_ September 3, 2021

For environments with more than 5GB, you might need to split the attachments into 2-5GB chunks and upload the attachments after the site import.

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Another alternative would be asking Atlassian to enable the CFU feature which is a solution for customers with large attachments (>10GB), which is your case.

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Baybars Kumbasar September 7, 2021

Thank you! 

Michaël Monserrat September 21, 2021

I didn't know about the existence of the CFU it's a good thing to know!

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