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Cannot access Jira project after the migration

Gokul Pradheep March 2, 2021

We have recently testing migration from Jira Server to Jira Cloud, but it seems that Jira SD project cannot be accessed after successful migration. There is no group or user seen under "people" in JIRA cloud's project (which is migrated) settings ( JIRA setting -> "Project" -> there's "three dot button" beside respective project -> "Project setting" -> "People" in left pane)


PS: Migrated users/groups can be still seen in admin hub ( but not under project's people view.

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Gokul Pradheep March 2, 2021

I resolved the issue now actually. While migrating using JCMA, I supposed to provide below option in Users/Group to have required project roles to be transferred and preserved in destination Cloud. If we provide default option "Users and groups referenced in projects (minimum required for data integrity)", only project's users and group will be transferred but not the project's roles.Screenshot 2021-03-09 at 3.17.59 PM.png

prajakta.desai February 14, 2023

Hi @Gokul Pradheep ,

We are facing same problem. already we have migrated Jira server to cloud.

now again we have to migrate project data with users.? to fix this problem.

or is there any way to transfer project role after migration.

Gokul Pradheep February 14, 2023

prajakta_desai - I understand that you already done user/group migration once and yet again you're trying to migrate user/group with project role.

Technically, when trying user/group migration (with project data) for the second time, only new users from the server (which is created after 1st migration) will be transferred to Cloud.

AFAIK - You need to flush your current Jira cloud once and have to re do all migration process with correct user and group setting (project role)

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