1 program, 4 project streams and 4 suppliers

PJ February 18, 2020

Hello there, I could be considered a hybrid of the old and new way of managing the stuff thats in a program and it's projects. 

Having evolved out of Prince2 and Waterfall and into Agile I see both worlds benefits and like to run these benefits together.

From the old world I still like to see my end goals or targets upfront and have an estimate on when the TEAM are Ready For Production [RFP].

My reasoning, not all businesses have infinite budgets to get to RFP or MVP. So when I get asked when can we use it and how much will it cost, I still need that answer.

Then a big part of my role, is  to communicate to the Stakeholders, the road-map up to RFP or MVP and beyond i.e. where we are taking the application/service into the future based on our research, crunching the numbers and 'doing the math'.

So in my latest adventure I am running a Program for a shopfront and online retailer in Australia with 4 project streams and 4 suppliers.

That's the short version :)



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February 19, 2020

@PJ , I'm excited to hear the long version someday! What you do is so interesting. Thanks for sharing your experience + perspectives with this Group and with the rest of the Community. :)


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