Atlas / Jira Goals as Custom Fields in Jira and Support for Jira Dashboards and Jira Automation

Mike Villis May 16, 2024

At the moment in our tenant, Atlas leverages a plugin in Jira. The fields exposed in Jira Plans, Jira Projects or Jira Product discovery look to not be traditional custom fields which makes this a bit tricky to show goals in Dashboards or Jira Automation rules.

Out of all the fields mentioned I can see that the Jira Product Discovery Field - `Atlas Goals` is available on the `Field Changed` trigger list and if I log out the value I get.

ChangeItemBean{fieldId='jira.polaris:external-reference', field='Atlas goals', fieldType='null', from='null', fromString='["ari:cloud:townsquare:8f6eec19-65d6-4383-83c8-1ac431274463:goal/0c7377b2-394b-436b-9ca0-5b07a1ce1b97"]', to='null', toString='["ari:cloud:townsquare:8f6eec19-65d6-4383-83c8-1ac431274463:goal/6f8d4563-73ef-47f1-b42a-19da50943946"]'}

It doesn't look to be available in the drop down list for field edits actions though.

Has anyone had any luck using the Additional fields section to make changes to goals or even written conditional logic? I'll keel at it but appreciate any insights of things I do now. I suspect as Atlas is rolled into Jira this is likely something on the roadmap.

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Mike Villis May 17, 2024

Some progress I've made so far. In this use case I've been able to inspect some of the apis in atlas (via inspector) to be able to find the UUID for particular goals.

This automation uses what is available in the fieldChange event and match against a GOAL UUID.

It allows me to be update a custom field inside a Jira project (an OKR field that we have).jira_auto.jpg

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