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  • Have you ever been part of a large, cross-functional project that has gone off track?
  • Have you ever struggled to find the latest on work happening outside of your team or department?
  • Do you ever feel unclear about how your day-to-day work is impacting business goals?
  • Do you ever feel like you spend hours per week in update meetings that could be an email?

Let’s guess - the answer is probably yes to at least one of these questions, if not all. :slight_smile:

Well, we built Atlas to solve these problems. Or more specifically, the problem of communication and alignment across teams. It’s a teamwork directory that helps everyone in an organization connect the dots across teams, their apps, and work - wherever it happens.

In Atlas, you can see every person and the teams they are a part of, the projects those people and teams are delivering, in support of shared goals. This empowers everyone in an organization to be able to answer:

  • What are we doing?

  • Why are we doing it?

  • Who’s working on it?

  • How is it going or progressing?


🌎 Meet our team

We’re actively engaged with our Community group as we build and grow Atlas. Your feedback is vital, so we hope you’ll join the discussion!

You’ll primarily hear from:

Product: @Josh Devenny, @Rachel Lin @Anish Deena and @Nir Nikolaevsky (based in Australia)

Marketing: @Daniella Latham and @Greg Davis (based in the US)


⚡️ What do teams use Atlas for?

Goal tracking, whichever framework you use

A source of truth to understand how the work of many teams contributes to goals, and how it’s tracking over time.

Painless project communication

A shared practice that keeps teams aligned on what they’re doing and how it’s going - no meeting required.

Teams directory

Atlas' team directory shows how individuals and teams fit together across the organization - and what they’re working on.

Building knowledge

Document and share any learnings on projects to build organizational best practices and avoid past mistakes.


✨ Getting started with Atlas

Atlas is a site-based product that is free for up to 35,000 users in your organization. You can sign up for it and try it out right away. Here’s more on how to add Atlas to your Atlassian site.

Once you’ve got access to Atlas, we recommend watching this short video demo of Atlas to understand the basics.

If you prefer reading, check out our collection of how-to guides.


👀 How to use Atlas with other products


💡 Find best practices, inspiration, and ideas for Atlas

You can find a wealth of ideas, tips, customer stories, and best practices for using Atlas here.

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Carlos Garcia Navarro
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
January 15, 2024

Thanks for sharing! Atlas has become one of my favorite products. It can also be used as a content repository, and the integration with other products, like JPD and Jira, make it easy to centralize information and to move from one app to another.


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