Where is work tracked? Multiple epics

Kristie Garver June 14, 2023

Hi! I would love to be able to link multiple epics (not sure software epics) under a project so I can see the statuses of those epics for the work to complete a particular project. 



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Daniella Latham
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
June 15, 2023

Hi @Kristie Garver thanks for this feedback! We're aware of this limitation and exploring being able to link higher-level issues than an Epic to Atlas projects, e.g. an Initiative. That way all the relevant epics would roll up under that.

Would this work for your situation?

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Kristie Garver June 15, 2023

That would be perfect for us!

On a separate note, let me know if I should post these separately.

It would be nice to have 500 characters (vs 280) when updating a status so you don't have to use "more detail." more detail would be great for more characters.

Also notice that when I set an initial target date and post another comment, atlas picked an arbitrary date and I had to change it back.

It would also be nice to do goals for a year vs, exact date, month, or quarter. Otherwise, I am putting December to and show this is an OKR for the year. Maybe we are using this incorrectly.

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Daniella Latham
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
June 23, 2023

Thanks @Kristie Garver

Will share that back also. 

Karin van Driel March 17, 2024

This would be amazing @Daniella Latham , is there a request I can upvote for this, or is it already on the roadmap?

Aaron Mosny June 21, 2023

@Daniella Latham are you also going to provide a link between Jira Product Discovery Ideas? The JPD team has already provided the linkage to atlas projects and goals, but it's currently only a one way link.

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Nathan Anderson July 7, 2023

I would totally agree with above. We need to link multiple epics as each software project is composed of several epics. It's weird to track everything under a single epic, you might as well not have the distinction then. An initiative level would be quite welcome. Also agreed on 280 character limit - it is just too short. 

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Davina Pallone August 1, 2023

+1 on this thread — we have multiple epics for our Jira platform project. I currently have no way to make visible the full scope of the work in Atlas as I can only link one epic. Ideally, I can have a 1:1 between an Atlas project and a Jira project. 

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Miguel Morales Gonzalez November 29, 2023

Hi @Daniella Latham as some other people say in this thread, I think that multiple epics linked to a single project would be ideal. The project can take the information from these epics, and for instance for the data take the shortest and longer. We have tried to use JIRA initiatives in the past but they did not work well. I think it is more common for people using multiple epics per project, hence being able to link these with an Atlas Project would be ideal.

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KB January 10, 2024

+1 on this. We also split our Project into multiple Epics over time. So this would be really helpful.

Keni Barwick January 24, 2024

Watching for update, as this to me is a must.

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