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How to report status of projects grouped by tags?

Maximiliano Suarez June 9, 2023

Hi Atlas community,

There is a long list of projects in Atlas, which are grouped by different tags and presented in a Confluence page.

A report with the status of the projects, under the criteria of grouping associated to different tags, is to be generated weekly.

How to export/generate this status report of projects grouped by criteria based on tags?

Thank you in advance.



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Lauren Cooper June 9, 2023

Hi @Maximiliano Suarez 

Have a look at the first part of this - Atlas Updates in Confluence (

Basically do a Project search on tags and copy the url to Confluence.


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Maximiliano Suarez June 9, 2023

Hi Loren, thanks for your prompt suggestion.

The problem is not in the visualisation but in the generation of a report based on the visualisation already defined.

Confluence offers 2 ways of exporting (Word and PDF) but neither of them displays the information as it is on the page. In Word only the links to Atlas are displayed and in PDF it does it in a similar way.

Is it possible to generate/export a report, not just the visualisation, that shows the status of the projects grouped by tags, in any format (pdf, word, xml, etc)?


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Lauren Cooper June 9, 2023

@Maximiliano Suarez My apologies - as usual I didn't read your message properly before replying!

Yes, I agree that the presentation of the Atlas widgets in Confluence is not ideal.

And the exporting is even worse.

Maybe a report should come from Atlas directly rather than via Confluence? (suggestion/question for the Atlas team)

Either that or more customisable widgets (that print/export) in Confluence.

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