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Automation to create an Atlas Project when JIRA Project created

Monty Bhatia February 16, 2024

This goes to the idea that ideally we can relate a project in jira to a project in atlas.  Otherwise it gets a bit confusing (ie.  epic in jira to project in atlas isnt how we manage our work).

If there was a way to automate the creation of an atlas project this would save a lot of time.

Or even other automations (when a jira issue moves to another status, create an atlas project, and ideally be able to map fields from jira to atlas to save time in copy pasting descriptions etc.)



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Keith Mancuso February 16, 2024

We typically create the epic in jira first then create the project based on that which automatically syncs them.

Monty Bhatia February 16, 2024

Thanks Keith, does it sync the 'about' page in Atlas from the epic?  I didnt see a way to do that unless I missed it.

What does the sync do (I believe it will create a link between the two is all).

Keith Mancuso February 16, 2024

Tea that is true. It's tricky because that's three fields in Atlas and the the epic just has a description.

The sync does keep the name, start, and target dates in sync tho which is critical for us

Keith Mancuso February 16, 2024

The other thing it does is brings the Atlas About information and the latest status update into the epic view in jira which is also great

Brent Lightsey March 30, 2024

Hi @Keith Mancuso could you share with me in a little more detail what you mean by they are added to the epic view. Do you mean the lower right corner of the epic screen when the detail is viewed, or another place?

jira epic status.PNG

Michele A_ Fisher February 16, 2024

This would be great



Monty Bhatia February 16, 2024

Keith, would you be able to describe or share any details on this 'sync'; is it correct once you link the apic it will share the start and target dates, where does the name get stored i atlas?

Nicola Sun
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
February 19, 2024

Hey Monty,

Thanks a lot for reaching out and for your suggestion!

I have added your input to our insights, so that it will be considered when this capability is worked on.


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