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How to Win over Stakeholders and Impress Colleagues—with Atlas

If you're looking for resources to help accelerate Atlas (fka Team Central) adoption, you've come to the right place.

But first, do you relate to this pie chart? If you quietly sobbed chuckled, do we have something special for you.


Updates by The Cooper Review.png
Source: The Cooper Review

You know what they say, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. So break that cycle of status writing hell (writing updates, no one reading them so you stop, then getting multiple pings asking “What’s going on with X?”… rinse and repeat).

How? By helping those who need it the most in your org—the people running team operations (program/project managers), the people leading teams (team leaders) and the people who need information to steer the ship (executives).

We’ve made it 10x easier for you to help them with Atlas.* We’ve created personalized slides for you to share with your program managers, team leads and executives. Since they’re the ones who’d curate, read and write status reports, they’re the ones who’ll help you stop that cycle of unread updates.

So, what are some things I can do with these slides?

You can:

  • Add 5 minutes to an existing cross-functional meeting and propose a pilot program to see if Atlas can make cross-functional communication more effective

  • Record a short video (may we suggest Loom?) to share with your target stakeholders

  • Customize these slides with screenshots from your internal instances. Highlight company-specific pro tips, recent success stories, and more!

Psst! We’ve got your back and even included presenter notes as suggested talking points.

:sparkles: Bonus

Here are some more videos and articles you can keep up your sleeve to dazzle your coworkers!


🎓  How other customers and teams use Atlas


🌱  Help with cultural change

  • "The Loop": A framework for predictable comms in an unpredictable world



Now, you can go back to not writing ad hoc status updates work. 😉


(*not an actual calculation)



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