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Why it’s smart to work with an Atlassian Partner while implementing Atlassian Solutions

Atlassian products support small businesses and large corporations in reaching their goals. 86% of Fortune 500 companies are Atlassian’s customers today. With Cisco, NASA, Facebook, Lufthansa Systems, Netflix, Skype, Tesla Motors, Twitter, and other famous enterprises amongst clients, Atlassian plays an important role in the majority of significant business changes around the world. The interest in Atlassian products increases every day. Nevertheless, the Atlassian ecosystem may seem to be quite complex at first glance. How to conduct the process of implementation to make the most of the tools and solutions? Our answer is: talk to a competent Atlassian Partner. 

Atlassian Partner Program – how can Atlassian professional services help your company? 

Atlassian Partners offer a great choice of services, apps, and integrations. They can also provide their clients with customized solutions to extend the possibilities of Atlassian products. Enterprises that work with certified Partners can count on the ongoing assistance of technical and business experts. Furthermore, cooperation with Partners brings other benefits than just consulting. Atlassian Partners can arrange favorable pricing conditions that are impossible to get purchasing directly from Atlassian. There are 4 types of Atlassian Partners, each responsible for a specific part of the company offer: Solution Partners, Marketplace Partners, Global Alliance Partners, and Platform Partners. In this article, we will focus on Solution Partners specializing in advanced Atlassian product knowledge, configuration expertise, tailored solutions, and implementation support. 

Atlassian Partner levels

When it comes to Atlassian Solution Partner levels, we can find three of them: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The grades define each Partner’s depth of expertise in Atlassian solutions. Every partnership level has specific requirements to fulfill, but all Partners have one mission: to help their customers get the best offer and put their Atlassian products to the best possible use. Atlassian Partners have advanced Atlassian product knowledge and can offer administrative, configuration, and implementation support. They are highly trained to deliver significant value to Atlassian customers. As a Platinum Solution Partner, Deviniti has met the highest Atlassian training criteria and can boast of proven experience in scaling from small companies to large corporations. We have an established run rate of Atlassian business and are properly resourced to successfully manage a wide range of customer solutions. 

4 benefits of working with Atlassian Solution Partner


Budget optimization with Atlassian Partner discounts 

The first doubt that might come to mind while considering an Atlassian Partner is the possible additional cost of service. Getting Atlassian products directly from the Australian enterprise may seem like a better way as involving more people usually requires a larger budget. We wrote ‘may seem’ intentionally as, in this case, nothing could be further from the truth. Thanks to the special offers only available for Partners, their customers can spend less money buying Atlassian licenses and Marketplace plugins. The final pricing depends on the client’s hosting (Cloud, Data Center, or Server), the number of users, and the scope of chosen products. As Partners, we can help deliver and optimize the costs when it comes to new solutions as well as upgrades and renewals. 

Easier and more convenient Atlassian solutions purchase process

The wide range of products and solutions might be confusing, especially for people who are just starting their Atlassian adventure. This is where Partners come to the rescue! Not only can they help choose the best solutions but they can also speed up the whole purchase process. Moreover, buying products with Partners minimizes the time spent on filling up forms and reading detailed product documentation. After talking with an Atlassian Solution Partner about business needs, a customer gets a personalized offer. At this point, the client can either accept or modify it. If everything is fine and the offer is accepted, the final step is just to confirm the order at Atlassian (this is also the Partner’s responsibility). 

A single point of contact on Atlassian licensing

Atlassian Partners advise businesses in terms of licensing policy and management. It means that a Partner assists with licensing renewals. Before the license expires, a customer gets informed about the time left. Thanks to this, companies working with Partners can make all the important decisions regarding continuation or necessary modifications in advance. Atlassian Solution Partners help with matching the right tools and improvements. Their wide experience with different kinds of industries allows them to define the best moment to buy specific products as per the customer’s stage of development. Atlassian Solution Partners can get trial versions of Atlassian products and Marketplace plugins and support clients in implementing them. One of the greatest advantages of partnering is having all Atlassian product-related information in a single place. Atlassian Partners’ customers get support with estimating budgets and co-terming, all to adjust the existing possibilities to the specific company’s needs. 

Support and assistance of experienced Atlassian specialists

The beginnings of new processes or learning new tools are always difficult. Teams have to spend a lot of time getting used to innovations, especially if they learn independently. The actual effects come slower, and it’s frustrating for managers, customers, and the team members themselves. Fortunately for all, it’s possible to reduce this tough time. Authorized Atlassian Partners can provide their clients with professional training and a wide range of ITSM services at the highest level. Partners have dedicated teams and people all over the world with skills confirmed with Atlassian certificates. Thanks to this, the learning phase progresses quicker, and in case of any questions, there’s always someone with answers to contact. 

Deviniti as your Atlassian reseller

Why you should choose Deviniti as your Atlassian partner

As a Platinum Solution Partner, we are prepared to support businesses in achieving their goals. For now, twenty certified Atlassian Specialists work at Deviniti, and this number is still growing. We make sure all our experts are qualified to help with Atlassian products and solutions. We make our apps for Jira and Jira Service Management that are popular on the Atlassian Marketplace all over the world. Our client list includes a wide range of industries. Being a part of the Atlassian world for a dozen years has taught us how to deal with different situations and we make the best use of our experience. 

Deviniti provides its customers with the best available offer. Our astronauts do everything in their power to simplify the Atlassian product purchase process and make it transparent for all parties. For instance, whilst working with Deviniti, customers have more payment options so that they can choose which one suits them best. Deviniti’s clients can pay for products in a selected currency (USD/GBP/PLN/EUR) via transfer, card, or a Revolut transaction. On the contrary, buying the software directly from Atlassian only allows paying by card.

What’s more, our company has a safe settlement system. We send the invoice only after the customer has received a license key and has successfully uploaded the software to the instance. From this moment, we offer a payment term of 14 or 30 days.  


What will the collaboration look like? 

What exactly will happen after you decide to buy an Atlassian license with Deviniti? First, you will receive the license to your customer’s panel at The Atlassian Software License Agreement is binding as the purchase has been executed with an authorized partner that acts on behalf of Atlassian We know that safety is crucial. All customers can be sure they will receive the original product with all its perks and functionalities. What’s equally important, as one of Atlassian’s key partners, we have a real influence on the development of Atlassian products. It means that by being our customer, you will equally benefit from this fact. We always truly listen to our clients, draw conclusions, and take action. 


The infographic below illustrates how the process of collaboration with Deviniti works: 



Working with Atlassian Partners is not adding an extra, unnecessary stage to the process. Quite the opposite, Partners can speed up and simplify the procedure for customers. Businesses that work with Atlassian Solution Partners get the best discounts. What’s more, they can also benefit from the experience of certified specialists every step of the way. As the offer of Atlassian is rich and complex, it’s smart to have a backup team always ready to help. This is exactly what we believe Atlassian Partners are. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our consultants we’ll be more than happy to help you discover the galaxy of your possibilities.



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