Streamline Sprint Cost Reporting & Gain Control with the Time & Cost Tracker Add-on

The current process for generating sprint cost reports can be a significant time investment for project and product managers. Manual data collection, error-prone calculations, and limited visibility into true cost drivers are common challenges.

The Pain Points You Know All Too Well:

  • Hours Lost to Tedium: Compiling data from multiple sources and manually crunching numbers steals time away from high-value tasks like optimization and strategic planning.
  • The Fear of Errors: Spreadsheet formulas and manual data entry leave you constantly worrying about costly miscalculations that could derail your budget and decision-making.
  • Hidden Cost Drivers: Limited reporting capabilities make it difficult to pinpoint where your budget is going, leaving you unable to fully optimize sprints for maximum efficiency.

Sprint Cost Control with the Time & Cost Tracker Add-on

  • Seamless Integration: Track time and costs directly within your Jira workflow – no more data exports.
  • Automated Calculations: Eliminate error-prone formulas and gain accurate cost insights based on defined hourly rates.
  • Data-Driven Visibility: Easily generate sprint reports, broken down by issue or team member, to pinpoint cost drivers.

How to Unlock Sprint Cost Clarity

  1. Set Up: Configure the Time & Cost Tracker add-on and set hourly rates for your team.
  2. Filter: Use Jira filters to define specific sprints for your cost analysis.
  3. Generate: Access user-friendly cost reports within the add-on's interface, and compare sprints to spot trends and optimization opportunities.


Unlock the Power of EVM Analysis (Additional Capabilities)

Go beyond basic cost reporting with the Time & Cost Tracker's EVM functionality. This add-on empowers you to:

  • Track Project Health: Use metrics like Schedule Variance (SV) and Cost Performance Index (CPI) to understand if your project is on track or facing potential delays or overruns.
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions: Use EVM insights to proactively adjust plans, reallocate resources, and improve overall project performance.
  • Forecast with Confidence: The Estimate at Completion (EAC) metric helps you predict final project costs, allowing for more informed decision-making.

How to Access EVM Insights with Time & Cost Tracker


  • Set Up: Configure the add-on, set hourly rates, and ensure proper tracking of earned value in your workflow.
  • Filter: Use Jira filters to focus your analysis on specific sprints or the project as a whole.
  • Generate: Access comprehensive reports within the add-on, including pre-formatted EVM Excel exports for in-depth analysis.


Experience the Benefits:

  • Regain Control: Ditch error-prone spreadsheets and gain confidence in your cost data.
  • Focus on Strategy: Free up time to make proactive decisions that improve sprint efficiency.
  • Maximize Resource Allocation: See where your budget is going and optimize resources for better project outcomes.

Take the First Step Towards Cost Clarity

Don't let sprint cost reporting drain your time and resources. Try the Time & Cost Tracker add-on and experience the power of streamlined, data-driven reporting.



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