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Onboarding in Jira: How to get the most out of it?

If you’d like to optimize Jira employee onboarding, bypass the limits of automation, and use the best functionality of add-ons, here is the use case that will help. One of our users has shared the problem he’d like to solve. Our SaaSJet team is eager to address any issue. We're also happy to share it with the community for anyone who finds it helpful.

 Onboarding in Jira.jpg

How can this use case help: when you optimize the process of onboarding once, then it will not be necessary to redo it many times. Every step will work for you effortlessly.

🔴 Task: How to set the whole process of onboarding in Jira: from pre-onboarding to in-team communication?

Our user wants to send forms to applicants (external users) and create a task in Jira based on their answers. After the task is created, he wants the process to start. So, we have to solve several problems:

  • Share the pre-onboarding form with external users;
  • Create a task for HR - to place a call after the external user has filled out the form;
  • Once this task has entered “Done” status, start the onboarding process to provide access and other information required for a new employee.

As this problem is quite complex, you need several solutions to get everything done effectively.

🟢 Solution: Set the onboarding process with Smart Jira Forms, Business Process Manager, and Jira automation

In this case, we will bypass some limits of automation you may face and use the best functionality of add-ons. Smart Jira Forms app will help to share the pre-onboarding form with applicants and Bussiness Process Manager will do the job of organizing in-team onboarding. 

Follow the next steps to set up all onboarding processes in Jira:

  1. Create pre-onboarding form using Smart Jira Form add-on. If necessary, add form logic so that the form is dynamic and adapts to your need. With Smart Jira forms you can generate a public URL and share it with the applicants who should submit it.
  2. Next, in order to create task based on submitted form, you need to click the Create issue button and fill in the settings. Read more on how to do it step by step.
  3. After the user has filled out the form, according to the fields we used in the previous point, a task for HR will automatically be created in the project you specified and for the assignee you chose. 
  4. For the next step, you need to combine Business Process Manager (BPM) and Jira automation. Go to add-on and create a new BPM process template for onboarding and copy the URL of the template to connect the creation of the process with the automation trigger. With BPM, you can work with several departments at once, and this greatly optimizes and speeds up your workflow.
  5. Create a new rule with automation, according to which the process in Business Process Manager will start as soon as the task created after the submission of the form goes to “Done” state.

That’s it. Now, you have onboarding set and automated, so it will work for you and you will have your hands free for another important job. Created once, these settings will be saved and continuously recuring for every new employee you hire. Worth a little effort. That’s one more way to work smarter, not harder.

Smart Jira Forms free trial

Business Process Manager free trial

You can try this use case for your business, both apps have free 30-day trials. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.



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