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Marketplace Partners- Publish your own App Central Partner Feature

We love showcasing our partners in the Atlassian Community and beyond. Because of this, we want to help enable partners to show off their organizations and post their own Partner Feature in the Atlassian Community.

The Community is a great place to amplify who you are and what your apps or integrations do. It helps customers and prospective customers not only get more familiar with your company but also to create brand understanding and recognition. To note,

  • The Community as a whole gets 2M entrances a month
  • Previous Partner Features have received upwards of 1,000 views on average


:technologist: How Partners post an article on App Central in the Atlassian Community

Before you publish a Partner Feature (or anything on Community), there are steps you’ll need to take in order to gain access. We strongly recommend reading through steps 2 and 3 listed here to avoid any confusion or delays!

  1. Make sure you’ve created an account on

  2. Before you can post an “article” in the community, you need to: 

    Maintain an active community profile (Logged into Community within the previous 30 days at the time of requesting) with a posting/liking history

    ✅ Include your partner company in your username (Ex: John Doe _Company_. | Jane Doe -Company- | John Doe (Company)

    ✅ Agree and adhere to Atlassian’s Terms of Service, Rules of Engagement, and outlined Marketplace Partner Guidelines

    ✅ Submit your request for Article writing permissions + Lozenge here


    3. Click on “Write an article” in the App Central group within Community (first you need to “join” the group, then the option to “Write an article” will appear).

:pencil2: Template for you to draft a Community Post

Copy the following to start drafting your own App Central Partner Feature post. Make sure you replace [Partner first name] with your first name :wink:


To keep the Partner Spotlight series alive and well, Atlassian has invited Partners to create their own articles following Atlassian’s suggested format. Here is the latest installment – an interview with [insert name] of [insert company].

Question: What's your role at [insert company name here]?

[Partner first name]:

Question: How does your team come up with ideas for new apps?

[Partner first name]:

Question: What do you think has been the secret to your success so far? 

[Partner first name]:

Question: What is your most popular app? What problem were you trying to solve for customers when you created it?  

[Partner first name]:

Question: What’s next for you?

[Partner first name]:

For example, you should follow the format below for each of the 5 questions:

  • Question: What's your role at Oboard?

  • Viktor: I'm the CEO and co-founder. I'm also a product manager on our main products, OKR Board for Jira and OKR Board for Confluence. My team creates powerful OKR and goal-setting software that expands and improves the Atlassian ecosystem.

How to make your post shine

  • The focus of the post is YOU, the Partner. Add pictures of your team, showing off your team members and personality.

  • Reference the Atlassian Community voice and tone guide.

  • While this isn’t intended to be a hard “pitch” for your app, it can be helpful to add images and videos of some great in-app features for readers. Rather than typing out what all your app does, you can showcase it in an image with a short caption.

  • Make your article easy to find and contextually relevant: Post within the App Central group of Community (you’ll need to “join” the group and then can use this link to create an article).

  • Ensure the title of your post is clear, but add some creativity. We have historically named all articles “Marketplace Partner Spotlight:____” but readers are drawn to use cases relevant to them so you could also include a line about the problem your app(s) solve ie. “Abby’s Apps, helping marketing teams create eye-catching Confluence pages”. (Also worth noting the name has changed from Partner Spotlight → App Central Partner Feature)

  • Share on your social channels, tag Atlassian Marketplace Twitter, and have your team share as well.

Examples of Partner Features we love that might help you spark creativity


Feedback or questions about this program? Leave us a comment here or on the Partner Portal



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