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Jira checklist: add-ons review [2022]

Aproximately 5 hours per day or 219 hours per year – that’s how much employees spend on recurring tasks while working. Can you imagine how much money are lost because of manual work that can be automated? Jira and Atlassian marketplace are places where you can achieve such automation with some appropriate tools. 

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Recurring tasks in Jira

Every department has those work items that are repeating weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. For example, some regular reports, or employees performance reviews, or email campaigns, or sprint planning. A lot of managers are snowed under with routine work. They use endless google tabs, notifications, calls, or another to keep everything under control. Can we go some other way? 

Though the task is repeteable, it doesn’t mean it isn’t important and you can miss it. Usually the opposite – if you lose some necessary step, the whole process can go wrong. So, how to be sure every piece of work is completed and you haven’t spent extra time (money) on recurring tasks? 

Imagine instead of creating some tasks every week, you just set it once and it’s assigned to you or your team members automatically. That’s how you can reduce your time on rourines and spent it on something more significant. You just need to find your perfect tool. In this article, we’ll overview few Jira add-ons that will help with recurring tasks.

How to make your perfect checklist

The best way to ensure yourself you’re not leaving some work items out of attention is to checkmark them ☑️ Organizing a Jira checklist will be less effortful if you know what to include.

You may easily prioritise how to use your time by categorising and setting out your tasks. Then crossing each one by one – make sure no important tasks fall through the cracks.

How to create a checklist

  • Brainstorm all the possible thoughts/ideas/tasks that some process involves
  • Rank your tasks priorities (from lowest to highest) – it’s easy to do in Jira. Separate the ones you need to do weekly/montly/quarterly.
  • Think about assignees: does checklist requires more than one person to be completed?
  • Find Jira tool to fit in well with your team requirements. You can test several to find the best possible. Below we’ll overview the most popular ones.
  • Organize your checklist the way you need.

Learn how to create a checklist in Jira.

Checklists Jira Plugins

You can find a plenty of cheklicts add-ons available on the Atlassian Marketplace. It’s not easy to choose, so here we’ll give you a short guide to start.

What’s common in all the apps presented? – Create your own checklist or work with ready templates.

Now let’s look at the main differences.

Issue Checklist for Jira. Pro – Checklists can be integrated with Jira workflow, automation, and scripting software. Make validators to check that checklists or particular list items are completed. Set board cards or Slack messages to reflect checklist progress. 

Price: Free trial / 5.00 USD a month / 0.50 USD per user (average)


Recurring Checklists and Report – 3-in-1 powerful app for managers. It combines a lot of possibilities: create and add checklists to Jira issues, automate your workflow with recurring, and get a one-page report of team progress. So, you don`t need to spend time on issue creation but at the same time your team always has a structured todo list

Price: Free trial / Free up to 10 users / 5.50 USD a month / 0.50 USD per user (average)


Multiple Checklists for Jira – To make your job go more quickly, develop global or project checklist templates and load them into issues. Additionally, you can automate the templates so that checklists are only inserted when necessary.

Price: Free trial / 4.00 USD a month / 0.40 USD per user (average)


Smart Checklist for Jira. Pro – Monitor issue progress via statuses, populate a checklist in a Jira issue with help of Jira REST API, import from Trello.

Price: Free trial / 5.00 USD a month / 0.50 USD per user (average)


Checklists are nessesary to organize your work with recurring tasks or processes. Creating of checklist isn’t enough. Jira apps have specific options to automate checklists and add them to your tasks with some occurrence. After that, it’s good to monitor the completion of each step. 

Have you tried to create a checklist in Jira? Try and share your experience with the community.



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Jennifer Choban
Marketplace Partner
Marketplace Partners provide apps and integrations available on the Atlassian Marketplace that extend the power of Atlassian products.
August 15, 2022

Hi Karyna,


Thanks for the great article on using checklists to standardize and streamline recurring processes.

I’m with the team behind Issue Checklist for Jira, and we’re pleased to be fully integrated with Recurring Tasks. Along with the features you mentioned, Issue Checklists also allows you to set default templates that are automatically added when issues of a given type are created. You can easily find checklist items that are assigned to you and can include rich formatting such as due dates, user mentions and clickable issue keys in your checklists. Find a full list of features here.

Julia Romanenkova_Railsware_ August 17, 2022

Hey Karyna,

Thanks for the article. I'd like to add that - in case of Smart Checklist - the add-on can also add context and elements of knowledge sharing to recurring tasks. Just put your notes or links to resources in a collapsable drop-down menu and the checklist items become a mini-knowledge hub template.

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