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Jira Cloud app: i18n support

Hello! In this article I will show you how to add i18n support to a Jira cloud app. I will change the app developed in this article.

Our app consists of two parts where we can apply i18n - thymeleaf and react. We will add i18n support to both of the parts.

You can take the complete code here.

i18n support for Thymeleaf

Create a file called in the backend/src/main/resources folder with the following content:

greeting=Hello! Welcome to our app!

Screenshot 2021-03-19 at 09.30.14.png

Now let's add the following line into our src/main/resources/templates/generalconfig.html file:

<h1 th:text="#{greeting}"></h1>

Now let's run our app:

Screenshot 2021-03-19 at 09.50.22.png

We can see our message from the file.

i18n in React

To add i18n to React we will use i18next package.

Let's open our frontend/package.json file and add dependencies for i18next package:

"i18next": "^19.9.2", 
"react-i18next": "^11.8.10",

Then create frontend/public/locales/en/translation.json with the following content:

{ "mybutton": "My button message" }

Add frontend/src/i18n.js:

import i18n from "i18next"; 
import { initReactI18next } from "react-i18next";
import translationEN from '../public/locales/en/translation.json';
const resources = { en: { translation: translationEN } };
.init({ resources,
lng: "en",
keySeparator: false,
interpolation: { escapeValue: false }

export default i18n;

Now change frontend/src/main.js to this one:

import React from 'react'; 
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
import Button from '@atlaskit/button';
import '@atlaskit/css-reset';
import '@atlaskit/reduced-ui-pack';
import i18n from './i18n'
function startRender() {
<Button appearance="primary"> {i18n.t('mybutton')} </Button> ,

window.onload = startRender;

We added two lines:

import i18n from './i18n'

Let's run our application:

Screenshot 2021-03-19 at 10.15.29.png

We can see the messages from translation.json file.

That is all. We used i18n in Thymeleaf and React.



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