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Is there an alternative to Tempo?

Where do your organization's time and resources go? Tempo tools are really good at answering these questions. Timesheets by Tempo - Jira Time Tracking is the top time-tracking app that provides users with customized reports and productivity insights. Combining it with other solutions for resource planning, cost tracking and budgeting, Tempo, in fact, forms its own ecosystem based on Jira. For example, Cost Tracker by Tempo can help with project budgeting, but it works only with data from Timesheets by Tempo. And what if you use another time-tracking tool and want to track your project costs?

Our SaaSJet team released Cost Tracker for Jira Cloud to make it possible to track your project’s costs no matter what time tracking tool you use (Clockwork, Worklogs, or built-in Jira tracker). Recently, we also integrated the ability to use Tempo worklogs into Cost Tracker for Jira Cloud app to build cost reports. So, let’s overview both apps and their capabilities to make you effectively manage costs in Jira. 


Cost Tracker by Tempo vs Cost Tracker by SaaSJet

Project cost tracking looks quite important as 57% of projects finish over budget, according to the Wellingtone report. Cost tracking provides many advantages, including limiting overspending through careful resource allocation and estimation, minimising risk, making the best use of available resources, and enhancing forecasting for future budgeting and estimating that is more precise.

Cost Tracker by Tempo and Cost Tracker for Jira Cloud by SaaSJet are both available on Atlassian Marketplace with free trials. Of course, it is not very correct to compare a market giant and an application that is dynamically and actively developing. But not inspecting them is also wrong. Jira customers have different needs, and it's always good to have options.

We have compiled a small comparison table for your convenience with key features and pricing.


App Name

Cost Tracker by Tempo

Cost Tracker by SaaSJet

Key Features

Manage accesses

Ability to use JQL filters

Global rates by roles

Hourly rates

History of rates

Billing rates

Project revenue

Expense management

Cost reports

Issue widget

API Integration:

- reports

- issue cost

Pricing (Monthly per user)

1 - 10 users

Flat fee - 10$


11 - 100 users



101 - 250 users



251 - 1000 users




At first glance, the applications are quite similar, and users will usually look at a more reputable player on the market, ignoring other applications. Yeah, it’s not always easy to spot the advantages of new players, but it can be worth it. So, let’s look at why it’s important to dig deeper.

Why Cost Tracker by SaaSJet is worth your attention

There are several reasons why you should consider Cost Tracker for Jira Cloud by SaaSJet. 

  • Integration with any other time-tracking application – Clockwork, Worklogs, native Jira tracker, etc. + new option to import Tempo Timesheet worklogs. You can monitor costs based on data from any Jira time-tracking tool you use.


  • Informative task widget that allows you to track the cost of a separate task in a short period of time. More info


  • Easy API integration with a common token for one Jira instance. 
  • Loyal pricing policy. It is a good option for small teams and startups because the cost is quite low for the market. Investing in applications of this type is always a good and profitable idea, as it will help control the flow of expenses in real time and make insights on how to improve resource allocation.
  • The opportunity to book a free demo call with a personal manager who will help you understand all the functionality of the add-on.
  • Friendly support team, which takes into account user requests in the shortest possible time.


Cost Tracker for Jira Cloud by SaaSJet is comparatively new but fast-developing app. It will be beneficial to everyone who wants to keep their finances in order. While Cost Tracker by Tempo is market leader, it’s worth to explore other apps like Cost Tracker for Jira Cloud by SaaSJet. It’s suitable for any time-tracking tool you use and price is quite loyal.

Start your free trial to find more benefits of Cost Tracker for Jira Cloud. 



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