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How to monitor team performance?

There are tasks with lots of points, and each of these points should be completed to bring some result. You can create a task for each item, but this is a very long process that is difficult to track. Why? Because there is no such built-in Jira functionality. Creating recurring automated tasks takes lots of time, so it’s necessary to find out the add-on that fits your needs and helps to improve Jira scheduling.


Let’s imagine the situation that is widespread in a nowadays world:

You would like to use Planner to monitor the progress of an IT team's production plan. Indeed, a production plan is a set of planned tasks, it’s not necessarily assigned to someone but rather to a team at all. These tasks are often repeated: daily (for example, checking backups) or monthly (installing security patches). For example, releasing a new feature, where you need to pay attention to all the details - filling in the correct information, specifying labels, assigning responsible team members, etc, takes lots of time and money. You can exclude the human factor to avoid misunderstandings during such scheduling in Jira. The solution is presented below - Recurring Checklists and Report.

Why Recurring Checklists and Report?

Why Recurring Checklists and Report? You do not need to use several add-ons - for creating checklists and separately for recurring. Our plugin has both options at once. Let’s discover how it works:

Step 1: The process of creating a checklist covers all the important points in the Jira scheduled tasks. For example: write a plan, fill in personal data, check all the entered information, attach files, etc.


Step 2: Set a schedule. You can fill in the assignee field if you want to assign a task to a particular team member. If you don’t, the task will move to the backlog, and one of the team members will take it over.


Step 3: Get a task with a checklist.

Here is how the task with the checklist will display. Each time a new task will be created according to your schedule and, accordingly, will be tracked in the report.


You can check how accurately the team has completed all the points and which points require more attention - go to the report and monitor the process run. As soon as the user puts a tick in the task that the item has been completed, this will be displayed in the report. Scheduling in Jira becomes more convenient!


The main advantage is knowing exactly what your team has completed successfully. Sometimes team members pretend to do some job, but there are no results in the end. That’s why the Recurring Checklists and Report add-on is especially helpful in the Jira task planning. Each item from the checklist is displayed in the report, and how the task has been completed is clear. So choose your personal Jira task planner to save time and money and keep nerves.

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Sandra Robin
Community Leader
Community Leader
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October 2, 2022

Thank you for sharing! 

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