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🤖 Enhance your workflows with Jira Automation and Microsoft 365 integration

TL;DR: Automation within Microsoft 365 for Jira is a powerful, no-code capability that seamlessly integrates Jira and Microsoft 365 tools. By leveraging Jira Automation, you can implement technology-driven processes that connect these two platforms. Setting up automation rules with Microsoft 365 for Jira can be done in just a few clicks.

Jira Automation offers a wide range of technology-driven processes to streamline your work. By incorporating Microsoft 365 tools into Jira Automation, you can further enhance your processes, from simple automations like posting updates in Teams channels to configuring customized flows that meet your specific needs.


Why we decided to integrate yasoon’s app with Jira Automation

Many of our customers are thrilled with Jira Automation and use it extensively. The parallel implementation of a separate environment is challenging and requires a lot of effort for Atlassian Marketplace vendors.

We aim to meet our customers' expectations by seamlessly working with Microsoft 365 actions and triggers within the native Jira Automation environment. Currently, this works perfectly via webhooks. As a result, we offer experienced users of Jira Automation the advantages of using Microsoft 365 triggers and actions, as they can utilize webhooks flexibly and as they are accustomed to.

For users who are not yet familiar with Jira Automation and working with webhooks, we aim to familiarize them with the full extent of the Microsoft 365 integration. However, in the future, Jira Automation will allow for the direct integration of triggers and actions within its native UI. Therefore, our preferred choice remains Jira Automation due to its popularity among customers and the potential for future expansions.

If you're already familiar with Jira Automation, you'll find it easy to get started with Microsoft 365 integration.

This video provides an overview of how yasoon’s automation feature works: click here


Setting up your first action with Microsoft 365 for Jira

Automation Action.png

Actions in Microsoft 365 automation enable you to automate various tasks, such as creating backups of linked Microsoft Teams chats or posting notifications to Teams channels. These actions function similarly to the built-in Jira Automation actions, but they are configured using the "Send web request" action. Once you create a Microsoft 365 action, you will receive a specific URL that is required for configuration.


Setting up your first trigger with Microsoft 365 for Jira

Automation Trigger.png

Triggers in Microsoft 365 automation allow you to execute Jira Automation when specific events occur within your Microsoft 365 app. For instance, you can start an automation when a new chat is initiated or when an email is sent from an issue. To utilize triggers, use the "Incoming webhook" trigger in Jira Automation and insert the Jira webhook URL when creating a Microsoft 365 trigger.


Microsoft 365 for Jira automation ideas for Jira Service Management

With the integration between Jira Automation and Microsoft 365, you can unlock a wide range of possibilities to streamline your workflows, enhance collaboration, and boost productivity. Here are a few ideas:

  • Description: When a Microsoft Teams chat with a customer starts, stop the "time to first response" service level agreement (SLA) timer by changing the status of the issue => Trigger: Teams chat created.
  • Description: Internal customers can post their question as a new conversation in a dedicated Teams channel, which would be automatically picked up by the bot. The automation in Jira then would create a new issue for the sender of the message =>Trigger: Teams bot message received.
  • Description: Automatically initiate a Teams chat with reporters and service agents for incoming JSM portal requests, allowing reporters to provide additional information that can aid in issue resolution => Action: Create Teams chat

  • Description: Notify a dedicated, monitored Teams channel about escalating issues in customer requests or development/operations => Action: Create Teams conversation

Well, this is just a small overview on how you can optimize workflows and improve collaboration in service management (and business teams). We’re happy to hear feedback and to give you an onboarding if you want to try Microsoft 365 for Jira with its automation capabilities:



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