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Bug report = criminal case

A bug is a criminal. A bug report is a criminal case against a criminal. The skill of a QA engineer is the ability to identify the culprit and describe all its aspects. Where it was found, under what conditions, what the environment looked like, what the prerequisites are, and especially in what situations the attacker is dangerous. So, shall we play Sherlock?


One bug is not equal to another bug

All bugs are different. It seems like an obvious thing, but how often do developers and testers like to put an equal sign between different bugs? At first glance, they may seem the same, but if you look closely at the conditions under which they occur, you'll find many differences.

Why do such annoying bugs happen? A developer reading a bug report doesn't want to ask the tester for additional details. The tester neglects to write the most informative bug report possible. So, our culprit manages to get away with it.


What? Where? When? Who?

The four W's you have to answer when writing a bug report. This is where your inner detective should kick in and break down the crime into molecules. 

What was found? What happened? As soon as the trail of a well-known serial attacker codenamed Bug is detected, we urgently need to document the damage. To do this, you'll need Issue Creator for Jira Cloud, which has built-in functionality for taking screenshots and adding annotations. If the attacker acts dynamically. You can also record video evidence with the Google Chrome browser extension.


Where was the bug found? Where is the crime scene? Be sure to include a link to the page and describe the environment - operating system, browser version, etc. Using the Chrome browser extension Issue Creator, you can link the crime scene to the bug report in 1 click.


Smart tip. If you need to copy information from the Google Chrome console, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to your desired webpage, then access the Developer Tools by pressing Control+Shift+I (Windows & Linux) or Command+Option+I (Mac).
  2. The Developer Tools panel will appear in either the 'Console' or 'Elements' tab.
  3. Click on the ‘Console’ tab.
  4. Within the log section, perform a right-click and then click on 'Save as' to save the content to a file.


When? The timing of events holds significant importance for developers, as it aids in pinpointing issues. Therefore, providing an answer to the question, "When did the problem occur?" is crucial. However, this can be pretty challenging for QA agents and testers. While they can mention the approximate time of occurrence, recalling the precise moment or timestamp of the initial problem occurrence is not always straightforward. Therefore, always specify the time period in the task immediately if you are a QA engineer. Don't put it off until later because you won't remember the approximate time.

Who found the bug? If you work in the Support department and a customer reports a bug to you, and you pass it on to the developers, always include the details of the "victim". At the very least, you will need to contact them and "interrogate" them.

Unstructured bug report

It's as if a criminal case has been opened against the bug, and everything is listed. There is information about absolutely everything. But it is presented in the bug reports in a completely chaotic and unstructured way. The text is not formatted. Everything looks like the credits in Star Wars. So, dear QA engineers, structure your "criminal cases" for bugs. I feel sorry for the developers - they still have to read it and fix the problem 🙂.

Enhance Issue Resolution Speed with Visual Bug Reporting

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