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Alter workflow behavior according to project property changes in Jira

Did you know there is a way to create Jira workflow transitions, conditions, validators, and post-functions that can work differently depending on the context of the project you are working with?


These conditions, validators, and post-functions happen at different moments of a workflow transition. Still, they are similar in a fundamental way. In essence, they all react to the information stored in an issue and its context to restrict the transition (conditions and validators,) or making something happen (post-functions). 
Now, What about when you want to make transitions react to the context of a project? or if you want to make sure issues won’t be opened in inactive projects. Well, Profields for Jira solves both of these needs.

Project-specific data-based workflows

Profields became a well-known app for Jira for its functionality to create custom project properties in Jira, allowing projects to store specific data, and make it dynamic over time. Once Profields is in your Jira instance, it's possible to alter workflow transitions behavior depending on the current value of project property.



Smarter workflows

Workflows that react to project-specific data are more diverse, more dynamic, and ultimately more intelligent. The challenging part of creating project-sensitive workflows is identifying change-sensitive information that can stimulate the workflow, triggering behaviors that are smart for your processes. i.e., Jira Administrators don’t need to update project data, which can be maintained by anyone with the Profields Administrator role.

Screenshot 2020-03-23 at 16.50.32.png


Who needs workflows that react to project-specific data changes?

All Jira users and admins that need to create workflow transitions, conditions, validators, and post-functions that work differently depending on the context and project-specific information changes in Jira.


If you are interested in learning on different ways of implementing workflows project in Jira that reacts to its property changes, here we offer two useful blog posts that will show you how to surpass Jira project workflows complexity and how to make the workflow transitions to have different behavior when a Jira project property changes.

Also, feel free to ask me any questions, I'm here to help.



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