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10 Exercises to train your product thinking

Katerina Schadrin May 31, 2024

What are some brain exercises you’ve tried that helped you improve your productivity and problem-solving skills at work?

Share your experiences and let's discuss how we can integrate these practices into our daily routines for better professional development.

What do we think about this? If you want to advance professionally at a faster pace, consider brain training as well.

Artem Borodin, the Head of Product and Co-founder at Standuply, prepared this post.

We strive to bring you the best practices and tools to become a better Product Manager 🎯

Here are some quick and easy exercises to incorporate into your daily work as a Product Manager:

1. Sketch an Interface from Memory:

Draw your favorite product's interface from memory. This helps you understand design choices and can spark new ideas.

2. Ask Yourself Core Questions:

Regularly question your product’s key points, advantages, and disadvantages.

3. Imagine Working at Another Place:

Choose a product you like and imagine managing its backlog. Compare your ideas with the real product's roadmap.

4. Make Up New Products:

Think about improvements and automations in your work environment.

5. Start a Side Project:

Manage a personal project to gain insights into resource prioritization and decision-making.

6. Treat Life as a Project:

Use project management principles to achieve your life goals.

7. Try Something New:

Regularly change your routines to stimulate your brain.

8. Cut Off Unnecessary Things:

Identify and eliminate unused features in products you use.

9. Limit Your Resources: Simulate resource constraints to make focused and mindful decisions.

10. Grandmom Test:

Explain your product to someone without technical knowledge to refine your communication.

Self-improvement is a continuous process. Start practicing today and watch your product management skills grow and share your results hier!

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Alex G June 4, 2024

Really enjoyed this article, thank you! @Katerina Schadrin 

Like Katerina Schadrin likes this
Katerina Schadrin June 4, 2024

Thank you Alex! 

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