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Migrate Cascading fields to Single Select field (or Typeahead for cascading fields)

DORIAN KERSCH October 25, 2018

Hi all,


Has anyone, recently, migrated cascading fields to a single select field? I have seen some old posts from that look like it may work, but the solution didn't work as expected. I can try spending more time to fiddle with it, but I thought I would ask the question in case someone else had a similar experience. 


Reason I am doing this:

  • My team wants support for typeahead and cascading fields doesn't play nicely with typeahead.
  • Note: If someone has a solution to getting typeahead working nicely with Script runner behaviors that would also suffice (and make my life easier)


Assumptions and Requirements:

- History of the cascading field isn't important

- One off mass update

- JQL support would be great, but I can pull that from the old post above if necessary

- Concat the cascading field when migrating

     -- Given (cascading): L1: Applications, L2: Foo

     -- Expected (single) : Applications Foo

     -- Given (cascading): L1: Systems, L2: None

     -- Expected (single): Systems

     -- Given (cascading): Empty (i.e. field isn't filled out)

     -- Expected (single): Empty (i.e. field isn't filled out. flexible on this though if it will help future people because I can bulk edit and wipe the field away)




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