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what tier should I choose for advanced roadmaps if i'm going to use it alone?

Ilya Ponomarenko July 8, 2020

My company is using Jira server and there are around 30 users.
I want to plug in Advanced roadmaps to use it within a single project and only by myself for the planning enhancement. 

What tier do I need to purchase, is it possible to choose 1 to 10 people (1-st tier)?

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Damir Semiz July 9, 2020

Hi Ilya,

I dont think you will get to chose tire yourself. It will be self-selecting depending on how many registered users you have. With this in mind I can recommend frequent cleaning of inactive users as it can become quite costly in the long run.

Might I ask what needs you wish to solve with Advanced roadmaps? Maybe there are other good alternatives with more preferable tiers?

Ilya Ponomarenko July 9, 2020

Hi Damir,

Thanks for the answer! 
Today I actually found that Jira automatically calculated the fee for advanced roadmaps in the billing section of the account, so you are right here.

The main point is quite simple: I want to visualize the sprints, for instance, build a diagram (roadmap) based on stories and sub-tasks, set the dependencies between them and thus create a good sprint plan, like what story should go first, what can be taken in parallel, track the deadlines according to the estimates and sprint overall progress in real-time.
The need for this kind of tool appeared while working remotely with a big team due to the quarantine, to help everyone see the sprint picture more clearly.

Damir Semiz July 9, 2020

If I understood you correctly, you wish to have a good real time overview?

I think Dependency Map can help solve those needs and your described tier would be less then 50% of Advanced roadmaps.

In Dependency Map you chose a filter and configure a diagram/map layouts how you wish to see them.

E.g you could set up a matrix layout where you have epics, stories, sub-tasks or teams as rows and sprints as columns. This would give you an overview that you are describing. Furthermore you can easily see what can be taken in parallel, what must be taken first and how the dependencies look. There is even color coding that lets you follow the progress easier and when something is blocked due to a dependency. 

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Ilya Ponomarenko July 9, 2020

It looks pretty good :) 
Can you also recommend something similar for Jira cloud?

Damir Semiz July 10, 2020

There are some similar tools for Jira cloud I think. I dont have much experience from them but I remember reading about them. They differ a bit but seem to have much or at least parts of what I understand that your needs are. 

Dependency Mapper

Links Hierarchy

Easy Agile Programs


Hope its helpful :) 

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