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Duplicating a scenario to compare between plan and updated plan

Erwan Jesson-Ripoll November 9, 2017

I created about a month ago a plan and a scenario.

Everything in my roadmap started on the creation date of the plan, that is 10/09/17.
We decided to keep that scenario as is and to come back one month later and create another scenario, update it and see how it compares to the original one.

(Maybe this is not the best way to go, so let me know if it's the case)

So today, I duplicate the original scenario and open the duplicate, and lo and behold, all the start date have moved to today, which forces me to change all the estimates (removing 30 days) in order for this scenario to make sense.

Why is that and how can I fix it?
Or how should I go to create a Roadmap one day, "freeze it" and create an updated version later to compare to the first one?

Many thanks in advance

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Adrien Fourneau August 24, 2018

Hi @Erwan Jesson-Ripoll

As we faced the same issue, we simply added an "earliest date". While setting this date in a high level planning (we use it in a plan of initiatives, not linked to Jira projects or boards), your plan is not moving every day.

For this plan, in a scenario "Actuals", when we have new estimates from a product owner, we update "estimates" and "earliest date" (earliest date = day of estimates) in the same time.

By making this, in this scenario, we always have latest estimates and accurate data until next estimates.

How did you manage it on your side ?






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