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Community Champion Program


Atlassian Community Leaders are experts who share their knowledge to support and connect with members of the online community on a regular basis. They are personally invested in the health of the community and have a desire to help shape its future.

Characteristics of a Good Community Leader

Those who succeed in the program exhibit these traits:

  • Product expert: Deep understanding of one or more Atlassian products and its ecosystem

  • Industry expert: Experience in a particular industry and in using Atlassian and/or its ecosystem in that industry

  • Connector: Intrinsically motivated to help others, support the success of the community and act as an official representative
  • Advocate: Helpful, friendly and embody our company values; willing to partner with our team to drive future improvements to the community
  • Accessible: Has time to respond regularly to questions, contribute new content and encourage involvement in the community


There are lots of different ways to get involved — here are a few suggestions:

  • Log in two to three times per week to answer questions and see where you can contribute.
  • Start discussions on topics that interest you and aim to write about two articles per month (best practices, tips for similar teams, etc.).
  • Put on your moderator hat and welcome newcomers, mark answers as correct and encourage conversations among your fellow members.


Special Leader perks include:

  • Community Leader badge on your profile
  • Opportunity to earn a free ticket to Atlassian Summit and the chance to have dinner with our co-founders, Mike and Scott
  • Access to a Slack instance for all Leaders
  • Free voucher for any of the six Atlassian Certification exams, as well as a buy one, get one offer for On-Demand courses
  • Opportunity to join our Community Advisory Board, with alpha access to new features, input on future enhancements and more
  • Access to Leaders-only spaces within the community, plus extra permissions to moderate content, start discussions and write articles
  • Special Community swag
  • Fame and glory (arguably the coolest of the benefits)

Think you have what it takes? Let's get started!

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