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New member introductions to the Teamwork Lab group Edited

If you're new, welcome!

The way the members of this group engage with each other is entirely based on the type of members that join. Thank you for bringing an open mind, thoughtful questions, and any wisdom you have to share with others seeking different perspectives.

All that said, our members will benefit from knowing the type of people that join this group. Perhaps knowing your background will spark a question. Perhaps the teams or type of company you work with will generate solidarity. Perhaps you have the most unique situation and others want to learn more about what they don't know. Whatever the case, consider responding to at least two of the icebreaker questions in the comments.

Tell us about yourself and pick at least two of these icebreaker questions to answer.

  1. What type of team or company do you work for and what makes it unique?
  2. What is an antiquated way of working and how would you want to see it change?
  3. What do you hope to get out of this group?
  4. What do you hope to bring to this group?
  5. If we held fortnightly Q&As (scheduled "Ask Me Anything" discussions), what kind of subject matter experts (SMEs) do you have questions for?


Dave Liao Community Leader Jul 19, 2021

@Christine P_ Dela Rosa - love this icebreaker intro idea!

  1. What type of team or company do you work for and what makes it unique? I work with a SWAT team of engineers at a large firm. While we all bring a special set of skills to the table, we could always use a little more structure. No pun intended.
  2. What do you hope to get out of this group? I love looking for lifehacks (including workhacks). Discovering fresh ways to encourage collaboration helps in any situation, work or personal.
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I'm hoping for workhacks, too! I feel like we'll need to do some prompting to bring them out at first, but eventually, I'm hoping folks just share their wisdom.

And bring on the puns, @Dave Liao , unintended or not wink

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Dave Liao Community Leader Jul 26, 2021

@Christine P_ Dela Rosa - ah, I've been told many times by the Communiteam to include all the puns. 🤣

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G subramanyam Community Leader Jul 20, 2021

Hi @Christine P_ Dela Rosa thank you for starting this thread.

1. What type of team or company do you work for and what makes it unique?

I work for a biopharmaceuticals client with 80,000+ employees relentlessly working in developing life saving medicines. The uniqueness about the client is they are open for ideas, suggestions, welcoming change and constructive feedback.

2. What do you hope to get out of this group?

The plethora of knowledge, experiences that addressed issues, better ways of seeing and working using tools that sustain for long and has potential improvements.

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So great to hear that the client is open to feedback and change! That's at the core of growth, right, @G subramanyam At the same time, it's sad that this trait is unique when that should be foundational for great teams.

Let's hope this group takes that cue and embodies the idea of sustainable growth.

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G subramanyam Community Leader Jul 20, 2021

Yes @Christine P_ Dela Rosa their is a reason behind my point. In my experience, the projects with other organizations had preferred to go with existing flows as a safe bet rather than envisioning change and it's stance in the long run. That made me to place the "foundational" areas as unique set when I see my current client welcome changes and don't shy away for trying their hands.

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Jack Community Leader Aug 07, 2021

80k employees is a lot!! I can’t fathom how one would navigate the hallways there. wink

I would love to understand more about how you manage Atlassian products and productivity in such an environment.

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John Funk Community Leader Jul 20, 2021

I work for a media company, which produces a couple of daily radio shows, several podcasts, live events, a couple of books a year, and LOTS of content in general - blogs, articles, landing pages, curriculum, etc. So we are very unique in the types of team members using Jira and how interconnected everyone is. 

We are fast growing - adding a dozen people every two weeks - and just topped 1,000 team members. So I am interested how others have scaled up effectively without spending all of your time in meetings.

I have more than 25 years of work experience, so hopefully I can contribute the experience I have as to what not to do. :-)

Would love some SME expert advice on how to let workers have plenty of heads down time working while also collaborating as needed to keep ideas fresh and flowing. 

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Wowowee, @John Funk - that's a lot of content development and a lot of years of experience within that. We absolutely can use your expertise.

As for SME info you're looking for, we'll be sure to get some folks sharing knowing on balancing individual deep work against the wide spectrum of team engagement. Growing topic for sure.

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Brant Schroeder Community Leader Jul 23, 2021
  1. What type of team or company do you work for and what makes it unique? I work on a team that focuses on modernizing old systems.  This includes applications, business processes, policy, etc.  
  2. What is an antiquated way of working and how would you want to see it change? I think anyone who is not flexible and willing to change is antiquated.  Being nimble and able to quickly change to improve the team, productivity, and overcome issues is key.
  3. What do you hope to get out of this group?  Learn from others so I can change and improve my team.
  4. What do you hope to bring to this group? Lots of experience shaping teams and changing the culture around teams.
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@Brant Schroeder ! 

Modernizing old systems is legitimately what every company needs, so I bet your workplace is high in demand. It's also right in line with your philosophy on willingness to change and grow AND joining this group.

I'm so happy you're here laugh

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Well, let's go

- What type of team or company do you work for and what makes it unique?

I work as a Agile Coach in an Information Technologies company in Madrid, Spain, called Entelgy.

- What is an antiquated way of working and how would you want to see it change?

I love to help people in my teams to embrace change, to adapt them to a changing world and to see the human side on the job.

- What do you hope to get out of this group?

I hope to learn a lot from the marvellous people in this groups and I hope to be a better person.

- What do you hope to bring to this group?

I hope to bring my enthusiasm and my effort to be better day by day.

 Thanks a lot to all!!! :)

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Hi @Jose Luis Gaitan Hernandez ! I'm based in San Francisco, so I'm always curious to hear from folks outside the US to see if there are cultural approaches to agile. I'm finding that's true, but I don't know all the nuances.

Beyond evolving ways of working, you sound very into evolving yourself (and others). I'm all about that and want to see that energy infused into this group. And since you're here and active, I'm hopeful that this group will indeed grow to embody that.

Love it. Love that philosophy. Love that you're bringing it.

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thanks, @Christine P_ Dela Rosa , I love to hear for other people lovers of Agility. I would be more pleasure to be in touch with ypu to share experiences, knowledge, etc.

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I have a feeling there will be many "agility enthusiasts" in this group, @Jose Luis Gaitan Hernandez. You're in the right place cheeky 

thanks, @Christine P_ Dela Rosa . Let's stay in touch. I have my linkedin address in my profile...

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I'm new to this group and looking forward to participating from sunny SoCal. I'm a trained Product Manager that loves Project Management, planning, organization etc. I work best when there is a well defined box to play in so I love organizational process.

I currently work at a private company whose mission it is to make car buying easier through content, data, and research tools. We are going public and from my previous experience working in public companies, I know we are going to face an uphill battle of organizational change that will be required for us to be compliant with US regulations. I hope to get lots of support here with best practices for change management. 

Thank you,


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Welp, this group is new as well! We just started this month so you are actually one of this group's pioneers, @Martina Banev smile

And as for defined sandboxes, you and I are of a similar mind. I think too much structure can stifle, but if I had to pick a side, I'd say companies would benefit from a little more structure. Guidelines are meant to create order and improve work so I see them as generally positive.

As for your company's upcoming transition, you're probably right that there will be organizational changes, so you're wise to anticipate it. Will part of your role be to help transition the company? 

@Christine P_ Dela Rosa, yes! I will need to support the product & tech teams through any required changes, especially related to SOX and accounting compliance. 

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That's a big journey! Well, we're here if you ever want to bounce ideas off the members. Even if it's just needing affirmation that you're on the right track...cuz if anyone gets it, this group does. 

Good luck!

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Hana Kučerová Community Leader Jul 28, 2021


I'm sorry I always forget to introduce myself after I join some new group.

  1. What type of team or company do you work for and what makes it unique? Currently I work for a software company, which provides complex services - development, design, marketing, BI, consulting... where one team ends, the second starts, so we are capable of doing almost everything for the customers... which is something I really like... I'm part of the consulting team with a specialization to... wait for it... surprisingly... Atlassian :-)
  2. What is an antiquated way of working and how would you want to see it change? I would love to see happy people, who like what they do for a living... 
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You are exactly on time, @Hana Kučerová ! 

And thank you for sharing your company focus...I feel like we're gonna have a lot in common wink

And as for your anntiiquated way of working to do away refreshing! There is A TON of research (in addition to Atlassian's Open research) that prove happier teams are healthier and therefore more effective teams. So for that to be the default expectation, versus a pleasant surprise, is exactly what we should all hope for. Excellent answer!

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Hi, I work in the Marketing department from DEISER: Atlassian Platinum Solution Partners Enterprise based in Spain (with a worldwide reach, actually), and answering directly to some icebreakers:

What do you hope to get out of this group?
To learn; I think that's always my primary motivation in whatever I do. I've already passed through a couple of posts from this group, and those have been quite insightful. So, I'm grateful already.

What do you hope to bring to this group?
To pay with the same coin back. I would love to share something from my personal experience that could be useful to other people in this group and community.

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What a balanced "give and take" answer! Wonderful to have you here, @Huwen Arnone -DEISER- .

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Everything is about that @Christine P_ Dela Rosa thank you for being so welcoming 🙈

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Please. I'm just pumped that you're here @Huwen Arnone -DEISER- laugh

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High five, then!!

Hi all!!

Currently I work for a software company atSistemas, which provides services ... In my case, I am part of the Atlassian community and I carry out consultancies with clients and parameterizations according to the requirements they provide us. I love my work!!

The old-fashioned way of working is one in which companies do not focus on making employees feel good, companies that do, provide confidence, flexibility, support ... in my case my company provides me with all those things and more, and I am delighted!!

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Hi, @Paloma Fondon Araujo!

Sounds like you have a lot of adapting for different clients, and in turn, different sets of change management. I'm excited to learn from you here.

Regarding a lack of focus on employee morale, I agree with you. It has been scientifically proven time and again that happier teams are both healthier and higher performing. It's time companies make individual and team health a priority and not just when burnout is high. Great point!

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Hi @Christine P_ Dela Rosa

We are really in constant change and therefore learning and it is really fun, it is true that there are customers of all kinds, but it is very rewarding to start a new project with the illusion of helping customers in their day to day, (in my case) with Atlassian tools. Some people do not manage change well, it makes them leave their comfort zone and that is not comfortable, but I also think that you have to have an open mind and a great team by your side and things just flow.

I totally agree with you, I have worked in other companies in the sector and I can compare and affirm that the culture of team building, making people feel good and be part of the joint decision making and not unilateral, makes you want to improve every day in what you do and this ultimately has a direct impact on customers.

Happy employees = satisfied customers.

Thank you for your response. Best regards!

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Jack Community Leader Aug 07, 2021

Hello all! I am late to the game introducing myself here as I’ve been part of the group for few weeks now. I had a few moments so thought I would take this opportunity to complete the task.

  1. i’ve been working for my current company for about five years now. Historically I have been leading software and hardware engineering teams in product development. However in my current company my role is quite different. I am much more focused on operations and services. I still run the engineering and IT teams but it’s just a different end product if you will.
  2. There’s a lot of great things about the company I work for now however there are a lot of old ways of thinking and doing things. I continually look to improve and to make the company more productive scalable and current. In fact this is where Atlassian fits in pretty heavily. I’ve had recently good success in moving the company towards where I think we should be but there’s still plenty of opportunity. A number of people still live in breathe by spreadsheets for project management. Some folks just simply do not wish to change.
  3. I am always interested in hearing from others and how they bring about change in their organization. Well I have been around a long time and then a lot in many different companies I always pick up some little tidbit of goodness from talking to others.
  4. Given my experience in my past I certainly hope that I can take the time to contribute to this group and share the things that have made me and my teams successful.
  5. Given my past experiences and my current focus I would love to have Q and a sessions around non-development team operations. It would be great to learn from others how they leverage products such as those Atlassian provides to garner improvements in our teams work more affectively.
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Dave Liao Community Leader Aug 09, 2021

@Jack - welcome, Jack!

Re: #1, I feel the same way - ITSM is very much a product-oriented operation. What IS in our service catalog, and why? What isn't in our service catalog, and why? Who are our customers, and how can we best serve them?

Re: #2 and #3, I've been able to convince a number of folks to move from Excel docs on a shared drive to using Google Sheets. It's a stepping stone to getting folks onto something like Confluence Cloud. It's always a challenge trying to find the right collection of tools to get the job done.

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@Jack good think you started your comment as you did because I was like…”huh, I think I already know, Jack.” cheeky

And wow, it sounds like you not only help teams evolve, but that your diversity in types of teams you work with is wide-ranging as well. I’ll be sure to look out for Q&A opportunities with companies and teams that are not in the product development space. Because to your point, different teams need very different approaches to working together and improving their ways of working together.



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Hi all ! 

  1. What type of team or company do you work for and what makes it unique?

I work for a company creating software for the manufacturing sector (CAD, Augmented reality, production analysis and reports...) 
We're arounf 7'000 worldwide and I'm part of a small team of 70 split between Canada and the US. I'm one of the 2 jira admins for that team and have a side gig as a PM ;)

  1. What is an antiquated way of working and how would you want to see it change?

Our management still relies on waterfall/excel methods and tools....

  1. What do you hope to get out of this group?

moral support ? ;) 
tips and tricks, real life experiences on successfuly challenging the status quo

  1. What do you hope to bring to this group?

Some of my own experience, as the one managing our Jira cloud instance, I constantly seek to improve my collegues' experience with Jira so I do a lot of research on plugins available etc..

  1. If we held fortnightly Q&As (scheduled "Ask Me Anything" discussions), what kind of subject matter experts (SMEs) do you have questions for?

Project management / financial reporting / integration with ERPs

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Welcome, @Christophe Noualhat ! 

First of all, it's so interesting how some parts of a company utilize one way of working and another using a different way. It sounds like you wish management would adopt the same agile methodologies that your teams practice. I know that scaling agile can be tough, so maybe your management team can join this group and get some tips wink ...maybe even from you haha.

As for moral support, you've come to the right place! Our Jira Admins group has a lot of discussions about how to utilize Jira there, but we're also available to chat.

Regarding your SME requests, are the topics you suggested regarding their application to Jira or in general?

Thanks @Christine 

Yes, some parts of our company globally use jira/agile/scrum but there are pockets of resistance in the management here and there relying on previous methods

As for the SME requests, as they relate to JIRA, i.e. how can we best

- do project management using Jira

- do financial reporting using Jira

- integrate Jira with ERPs etc...

We found ways to close this gaps but I'm sure there are other ways, better ways :)

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OK that makes sense! Thank you for sharing, @Christophe Noualhat !

Hi everyone, hereafter are my answers to the proposed questions : 

What type of team or company do you work for and what makes it unique? I am working in a “steering” team, in the IT department of a large french company that works in the waste recycling sector.

What is an antiquated way of working and how would you want to see it change? several teams still don’t see the advantages of working with Jira, i’d like to convince them of their benefits.

What do you hope to get out of this group? New ideas of working. Help to solve problems 

What do you hope to bring to this group? Help to solve problems 

Have a good day !

@Benoit LOOF I love your company mission. And your being on a steering committee is a perfect role for someone in this group. Welcome!

 @Christine P_ Dela Rosa thank you. But to be clear, i am not a member of a steering committee, just a member of a transversal team called "steering" ;o)

Like Christine P_ Dela Rosa likes this

Ah, makes sense and thanks for the clarification!.cheeky


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