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Work in Life Sciences? Introduce yourselves!

Leslie Lee Atlassian Team Aug 24, 2017

For those going to Summit (and even for those who aren't), we wanted to get a kick start on the discussion at the Life Sciences user group. So write a quick blurb about you, your role/team within your company and what you're hoping to get out of connecting with other Life Sciences customers. 

And for those of you who are attending the LIfe Sciences user group at Summit, we'll use your areas of interest to create targeted discussions during the networking time. 

Btw, I'm Leslie on the Atlassian team. I'm not in Life Sciences, but I'm fascinated by the work and advancements in this industry and I'll be at the Life Sciences user group at Summit!


Hello Life Sciences users! I'm Michael; I work at Eli Lilly and my role is quality assurance for mobile medical applications/software as a medical device and embedded software.

I am also taking on the responsibility of configuring Atlassian stack and add-ons that meet medical device regulations and our company's procedures.

pb Atlassian Team Aug 28, 2017

...I dont' even want to think about what the acceptable rate of failure for a medical application / medical device is.  QA must be a rigorous job.

I've worked a lot with 'regulated' safety-critical software, and I'm curious to see how you generate the needed documentation, traceability, etc and how that connects to items in JIRA.

I did this at prior companies (and may again soon at Sysmex); we generally layered design reviews on top of sprint reviews, and made acceptance of formal test execution reports part of the closing out each sprint.

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Hi! I'm Steven, I work for Merit Medical and I am a Software Validation Engineer at my company and deal with QA testing and documentation of our business and manufacturing applications for medical devices.

I am also now administering our Jira projects and am working on getting Confluence up and running for our department.

Monique vdB Community Manager Aug 31, 2017

Welcome, Steven! If you run into any issues with Confluence, our Confluence collection is a great place to ask your questions. 

Good day!

I am also Michael, but will typically go by Linus in a group of multiple Michaels.  There was one group I was in where I was the fourth Michael to join the group.


I spend my days managing the backend of JIRA, Confluence, Crowd, and Hipchat.  We're in the process of spinning up Bitbucket.  When I'm not doing that, I'm also developing backend database solutions to our laboratory informatics systems at the hospital.


See you all in a few weeks!

Monique vdB Community Manager Aug 31, 2017

You're only the second Michael here, but I guess we'll have to call you Linus because @miglesias got here first. :) 

Here is our Bitbucket collection where you can ask any questions as you work on spinning up your instance!

Howdy!  I'm Steve Haworth, working at Sysmex (who create blood analyzer machines). I'm project managing a team with people in three countries, moving from a waterfall-type process to a more agile process, and using JIRA and Confluence to help make things transparent.  I'm the main JIRA admin for this team. 

My past includes a lot of medical device software development, using JIRA, Rally, and other various tools over the years.

Monique vdB Community Manager Aug 31, 2017

Howdy Steven! We have an Agile interest group if you want to discuss the transition from waterfall to Agile. And of course a JIRA collection too. Welcome!

I'm Scott, and I'm a senior manager of software development at Invivo/Philips.  We build advanced diagnostic medical applications.  For details, check out our web site: This will be my first Atlassian Summit, I'm pretty excited.  We use a ton of Jira plugins and I'm eager to share our experiences with the Atlassian tools: Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo.

Monique vdB Community Manager Aug 31, 2017

My first Summit too! Looking forward to meeting everyone. A lot of our plugin builders use this community as well to answer user questions, so if you ever have questions, this is a good place to go. 

What are your recommendations Scott in terms of set-up for those products?

Thanks for sharing!

I'm Gene, I work with several great Software Project Managers, Developers, QA testers, and more, at Merit Medical Systems.  We focus on Business, Manufacturing and Qualtiy system software applications.

We started using Jira last year and have been steadily increasing its presence in our workflow.  We love what we can do with this tool, and hope to spread its adoption at our company.

I've been in the medical device industry for 5 years now.  Previously, I was in the pharmaceutical space for 11 years.  

Monique vdB Community Manager Sep 01, 2017

Welcome, Gene! You sound like a natural born Jira evangelist :) 


I'm Alonso a Technology Management Specialist at Towers Watson's OneExchange. Our sector focuses on providing Health care exchange, which includes a call center, website and development teams.

We started using JIRA for bug tracking on the Development side and added Confluence for to host our Documentation, currently JIRA has been adopted by Operations, Development, Information management, and data analysis, with most also having a Confluence space.

As to why wanted to be in this groups discussion at summit, always interested in hearing how others use JIRA and Confluence in their business and looking forward to seeing how it is used in this application.

Monique vdB Community Manager Sep 06, 2017

That's my favorite thing about professional conferences too -- I always learn the most from fellow attendees!

Hi! My name is Ellen Sanders and I'm an IT Manager at Eli Lilly in Indianapolis. My team has been working with Michael Iglesias to deliver a tool set including Jira, Jira Portfolio, BitBucket, Confluence with Comala for Electronic Signatures and other add-ons to enable continuous integration for development of Mobile Medical Apps, Software as a Medical Device and Embedded Software. What a mouthful!

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and learning what other companies are doing in this space.


Thanks, Ellen

Monique vdB Community Manager Sep 06, 2017

That's an impressive toolset! I think we have one or two more products... maybe someday you'll collect 'em all. Like Pokemon. :) 

Hi! My name is Karen Mustain and I'm a Soltuion Designer at Cerner in Kansas City.  Cerner provides technology solutions for the healthcare industry to support clinical, financial and operational needs.  We use Confluence for our solution documentation and help documentation within our applications. Our instance of Confluence is both internal and external facing.  In addition, I'm the AUG leader for the Kansas City Atlassian User Group.

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and sharing best practices.

Thanks Karen

Monique vdB Community Manager Aug 31, 2017

Hooray Karen! Can't wait to meet you and all our other Community Champions and AUG leaders. 

Hi.  My name is Chante Butler and I'm a Senior Manager at Flatiron Health in NY.  Flatiron Health is software development company that focus on big data and oncology.  Please check us out at  

I am responsible for building our Validation program to demonstrate that the manner in which we build software is done in a controlled manner without impacting data integrity or data quality.  Our Engineering team uses Jira tools and other DevOps tools for continuous integration and continous testing.  

I'm looking forward to meeting you all and learning how you integrate the tools to support Validation and Quality activities at your organizations.

Monique vdB Community Manager Sep 01, 2017

Welcome, Chante! It must be very fulfilling work, supporting oncology research. Looking forward to meeting you at Summit.

Hi Monique.  Thank you.  It is rewarding to work for a company that has a mission I believe in and that can really impact lives!  I look forwarad to meeting you as well.  Thanks!

Hi Life Sciences Group: I am Valerie Blanchette, Manager of Corporate Planning at Genova Diagnostics. I am responsible for manage our Corporate strategic plan and objectives and our project management office.  This is my first summit, I am looking to better manager cross-functional teams and projects in JIRA, we are exploring JIRA Portfolio.  We currently use JIRA and Confluence for projects.  Confluence is a great place to keep central information such as project team notes and documents for a project.  JIRA is used by many of our functional departments for tasks.  We are looking for ways to link all these tasks together in JIRA to get a better understanding of all tasks related to different projects.  I look forward to hearing and sharing best practices.

Hi Life Sciences Group, Marisette Edwards here. I'm a Project Software Engineer and SCRUM master at Philips Respironics in Pittsburgh. We make products that help people breathe, from broncho-dilators to ventilators. In our facility, I was an early adopter of the Agile tools provided by Atlassian. I look forward to learning how to best use the tool set to improve the experience of not only teams working in sprints, but management trying to understand what they are doing and when they will be done.

That's got to be a rewarding thing to say when describing your job:  "Yeah, we make products that help people breathe.  You know, no big deal."

It is absolutely rewarding. And scary, because, you know, what if we fail?

BTW, I want to say hello to @Monique vdB (Monique of the Mountain) from Marisette van Linden van den Heuvell (Marisette of Linden of the Hill). What they call a Mountain in Holland is not much of a Hill around Pittsburgh :)

Monique vdB Community Manager Sep 06, 2017

Hahaha, yes @Marisette Edwards, pretty sure my ancestors came from the top of an anthill.  Sprekt u Nederlandse?

Ja, ik ben daar geboren. My married name is Marisette Edwards-van Linden van den Heuvell. Doesn't even fit in the Dutch passport!

Aloha!  My name is Roldan Din and I recently joined Merit Medical's Global Operations and Software Integration Team as a Software Project Manager.  I'm a new Jira convert and am now looking forward to my Confluence baptism to wash off the sins of my management past and be born again during the Atlassian Conference.  

Monique vdB Community Manager Sep 06, 2017

Ah, so you've heard about the ritual, then? Excellent. 


Unforunately, it's looks like I won't be able to attend the summit afterall.  We are preparing for hurricane Irma here in Florida.  Delta has already notified me that my flights will most likely be impacted by Irma.  Schools have already been closed here in Florida starting this Friday, and we're very busy making preparations for one of the worst storms on record.  Massive evacuations are in progress.  Does anybody know if I can still attend the summit virtually?  Assuming I will have power and Internet access?  I'm really disappointed...  #irma #hurricane.

Amy Atlassian Team Sep 06, 2017

We will miss you at Summit Scott and hope you stay safe over the coming days!

This year, we will be live streaming 15 different sessions throughout the conference. To checkout the line-up and register for Free you can visit the Summit Live stream page. If you have any questions, please feel free to email the Atlassian Events team at 

Hello Team, I am Bhaskara Yandava, Care Transformation Services Engineering Supervisor and an Atlassian admin at Intermountain Healthcare. We build and support clinical applications that help our clinicians to offer excellent service to our patients. Looking forward to learning a lot about new processes and techniques from fellow patient care providers to address ever changing needs of our teams and data flow from a myriad of tools.

Hi fellow "Jira Life Scientists".  I'm a Software Project Manager at Merit Medical (working with Gene, Steve, and Roldan who posted earlier).  Our company makes devices like stents and catheters for use in hospitals and surgeries.  Our software group uses Jira and SynapseRT currently and hope to be using Confluence soon. 

Other experience includes being an UX analyst for the European Bioinformatics Institute (think very big data sets on DNA, RNA, etc) which used both Jira and Confluence for project and ticket management.

I'm interested in learning how other regulated companies fit Jira into their process flow.  I'm also interested in how other PMs use their Atlassian tools to manage big projects (we're currently at 2K+ Jira cards for one project).  

I'm Brian, technical project manager / Occupational Therapist. I run reasonably regular healthtech + Lifescience hackathons / solvathons where we expose undergrad/postgrad students to formal interdisciplinary team collaboration and product development techniques to help better prepare them for careers in some of your companies. Some of our clients are in lifesciences sector and it's naturally aligned to my skills, experience - I got fed up with seeing how little exposure emerging students had to contemporary collaboration platforms, relying on archaic team patterns.

I've got a background in delivering national scale health data platforms and health informatics, so understand the industry constraints many of you will work with day to day. Look forward to seeing where the lifesciences discussion goes and adding my 2c in when possible.

If you're interested in the healthtech innovation event pattern, head to

Hi everyone, my name is Andy and I work with a team of quality and software professionals to reduce the hurdles of using software in life science and FDA regulated environments. I've worked through the challenges of using Atlassian tools to create software in high quality environments and adopting large QMS systems. I look forward to meeting you all and hearing the challenges and solutions you've encountered in this space.

Hi all, my name is Marion and I am from SoftComply.

After many years in medical device software research I stepped out of academia to do something more practical than writing papers and international standards. I wanted to automate aspects of the time and resource demanding regulatory compliance process for medical device companies. 

To that end, we have now developed a medical device risk management add-on for Jira (SoftComply Risk Manager) and a pre-filled Quality System as an add-on for Confluence (SoftComply eQMS). Both compliant to the latest medical device regulations and international standards, the latter targeting only the newcomers to the domain. 

Our team has experience in both Regulatory Affairs as well as in Atlassian development, and our aim is to help medical device companies get their innovative products to market faster, i.e. ready for regulatory audits, by helping automate aspects like risk management where its required to link risks to requirements, to mitigation actions (other requirements) and verification actions (test cases); generate risk matrices and risk reports.    

We have addressed some of the topics mentioned above also in our blog posts

We would love to learn more about the pain points that life sciences/medtech/healthtech companies have to help where we can as much as possible. 

Fadoua Community Leader Jan 21, 2018

Good evening everyone,

I am Fadoua! I am an Atlassian Admin for a Hospital here in Northern VA. I am in charge of the Atlassian Applications for almost 100 users.

When not working on Atlassian tools, I am trying to learn more about Linux and MySQL database.

I also report to Michael Soh who posted a comment sometime ago in here.

Hi Everyone, 


I am Sheng and I am the product manager for SalesIQ. The product is mainly for life sciences end-to-end commercial planning & execution. I use both Confluence & Jira for product features, roadmap, user feedback, user communities. Hoping to learn more here to build better features more efficiently for our users.

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