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Issue with Reporter when exporting to excel

Danielle Mather March 25, 2019

I'm trying to build a report that I need to export to excel every week. The issue I am having is that all of our Reporters are coming out a bunch of numbers and letters when it exports to excel- example: qm:dbabd0ad-6306-4fc6-8c09-13d07eff4345:5c8be93ba329a40b8555dd16


Does anyone know a work around to get the reporter to populate correctly?



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Danielle Mather March 25, 2019

All, I'm also having an issue where the organization exports to excel as a number rather than the name. This is really causing us issues. 

Matthew Dahlman January 8, 2020

Same issue for me:

Fields like Assignee export with the assignee ID, but it's still easily understandable.

Reporter on the other hand exports as an unuseful string: "qm:22016d78-a423-4d6f-95c4-7ee1c0abb6a9:261be27e-adca-41a1-ad51-9fe2ad94d3c3"

How can we export the value that we see in the webpage? 

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