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Atlassian Cloud Setup Speedrun in 10 min

Wolfgang Landes October 19, 2021


You might have heard that setting up Atlassian tools on cloud is faster than onprem.

I had some fun creating a challange to see how fast it really is.

Utulizing Atlassian's Open Devops as a starting point and connecting all the usual tools starting from zero. (First step is to create an Atlassian account)

Atlassian Cloud Setup Speedrun in 10 min

Instead of doing a long go along video where I explain every click and it takes hours to watch, I wanted to focus on how fast it is, by just clicking through the necessary steps in realtime.

Obviously you can still use the video as a go along video if you slow it down or pause when necessary.

Since you might not grasp what was all created during setup, I also included a quick walkthrough over showing how the tools are connected.


I hope I am not breaking any rules by advertising a video here. If that is the case, feel free to remove my post.

Enjoy and feel free to give feedback. I am always open for improvements.



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