TinyMCE resizing and full screen problem

Gabor Nadai September 27, 2012


We are using JIRA 5.1.2 and this problem I writing you about is present since JIRA 5.1.

First: you cannot resize the TinyMCE editor field. The standard textarea field could be resized but not this one.

Second: if you click on the full size icon in TinyMCE, the text's background is transparent and therefore you can't see anything in the field. As you can see in the attachment.

Thank you for your time,
Gábor Nádai

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Gabor Nadai December 7, 2012

We found a pretty ugly but rock solid solution. Add this line to the Announcement banner then turn it on:

<style>.mceIframeContainer iframe{ height: 450px; !important; } #mce_fullscreen_container { background-color: #FFF; }</style>

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Gabor Nadai October 9, 2012

Thank you for your answers. Unfortunately, this workaround aren't so perfect like a TinyMCE bugfix which would solve the whole problem.

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Jeremy Sanderson September 28, 2012

I found a better workaround for this. The problem is that the background-color for the div that holds the fullscreen editor is missing - so it ends up being transparent (not sure if this is inherited from some other property or not).

Using Google Chrome developer mode (press F12) you can change the background-color for the div labeled ‘<div id=”mce_fullscreen_container”….' to white or any other color. Then the full screen editor looks the same as before and can be easily used.

Unfortunately you'll have to do this every single time you open the full screen mode.

Maybe someone at Atlassian can see why it is doing this and offer a more permanent solution. I suspect that the z-order of the 'Edit' pop-up screen may have something to do with it. The z-order for the fullscreen div is 2000, maybe the 'Edit' pop-up screen may be higher than this??

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Jeremy Sanderson September 27, 2012

So I still have the same problem, but there's a workaround that kind of works.

If you do a select all after opening the full screen editor you can see the text easier. It's not a perfect solution but it is workable.

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Jeremy Sanderson September 27, 2012

I'm experiencing this same problem after upgrading to Jira v5.0.7.

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