"JIRA could not attach the file as there was a missing token" and arguments for a software BUG

Robert Fraczkiewicz November 29, 2018

Currently, I am doing software testing for my employer; let's call it "ABC". For some reason, we use JIRA as a bug/feature reporting system. My reports must include file attachments so that ABC programmers can reproduce my observations.

After a few months of work JIRA, which worked perfectly fine so far, suddenly started refusing attachments with the error message quoted in title and shown in the enclosed images. Our admin has increased the "per attachment size limit" to 50 MB. Although none of my attachments has ever reached that limit, not even close, things started working once again. Few months forward and the same errors started happening again. The admin increased the same "per attachment size limit" to 100 MB and JIRA started accepting attachments once again.

Guess what, the whole circle of events repeated itself one month later! Our admin has upped the limit to the 2GB maximum, today, so I _may_ have some time of peaceful work in front of me. But, the whole thing smells like a bug in JIRA - it looks like the supposed "per attachment" setting is actually used to calculate _cumulative_ quota: it adds the sizes of _all_ attachments submitted by one person, which is silly, IMHO.

I hope Atlassian will investigate and fix it, or at least respond to it on this forum. Thank you.



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M Amine
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November 27, 2021
Robert Fraczkiewicz November 29, 2021

Logs from 3 years ago? Sorry, no.

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