please help me to know the answers (ACP 600) atleast a few

Bhavani kandukuri March 19, 2020

Which configurations (schemes, versions, components, etc) are shared versus unique when new projects are (1) created from template or (2) with a shared configuration?
Who can change a Project Key, and what are the effects on issues in the project?
Which project details can be added and changed by Project Administrators?
What are the uses of Project Category in Jira?
What features are available for Jira Software projects, and to users who have Jira Software application access (as compared to just Jira Core)?

What is the importance of the Browse Projects permission?
How do combinations of permissions work together to enable specific actions? For example:
• What permissions are needed to Move Issues? • What permissions are needed to Edit or Delete All Worklogs? • What permissions are needed to rank issues in the backlog? • What permissions are needed to assign issues to yourself? • What requirements must a user meet in order to use a particular workflow transition?
What is an Issue Collector and what permissions are needed to configure it?
Where are all the places you need to look to fully identify what permissions a particular user has?
What are the use cases where it is best to use Project Roles rather than Groups?
Which business requirements necessitate the use of separate issue types in a project (e.g. different screens, workflows, etc.)?

What is the relationship between screens, screen schemes and issue type screen schemes?
• How are they related to field configurations? • How do you determine the maximum number of screens possibly used in a project (for issue operations and workflow transitions)? • Who can make changes to screens, screen schemes and issue type screen schemes?
What are all the various factors that influence whether a field is visible on a screen?
When is it best to use components, and when is it best to use a custom field instead?
What are the features, uses, limitations/restrictions of workflow changes, especially the Simplified Workflow?
1. Who can change the Simplified Workflow? What are the limitations on changes to the Simplified Workflow? 2. What changes can be performed on statuses and transitions? 3. What things may need to be updated as a result of workflow changes of any kind?

4. What workflow changes can be done through the board by board administrators? 5. What types of workflow changes can Project Administrators make if Extended Project Administration is enabled?
How do these settings affect notifications?
• AutoWatch setting • My Changes setting • Share This Issue • @Mentions • Filter Subscriptions
What are the configuration options for all the out-of-box reports and gadgets (except Agile reports and gadgets)? What is their behavior and expected results?
How are valid JQL queries written? What operators and arguments are valid for various JQL functions (e.g. membersOf(), StartOfDay(), WAS, CHANGED, etc.)
Which export options are available are available from the Issue Navigator?

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March 19, 2020


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