Workflow Transition Buttons does not function

Elif Alverson June 14, 2017


I just created a new workflow for a project and started to use it and realized that some of the buttons such as in progress and done does not dunction. It does not change the startus of the ticket. 

There is another button from old workflow called in review, even that is not one of my transition now, it is still visible on the ticket window.

Thank you for your help.



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Atlassian Team
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June 14, 2017

Hi Elif,

I would first start by reviewing the workflow and it's conditions, transitions, permissions, etc.  I would next run the Integrity Checker to see if it's a matter of the database being out of sync somehow.  If the Integrity Checker finds any issues let it fix the issue per step 4 of the linked article.

Finally I would attempt to track down any errors.  You can start with the JIRA_INSTALL/logs/catalina.out and then review the JIRA_HOME/log/atlassian-jira.log.  

If you do see an error you can post a screenshot or the error snippet and we can review it.  If you don't see anything in the logs, I would suggest putting in a support request so the support teams can look into this further.



Elif Alverson June 14, 2017


The workflow I used was originally built in a Sandbox. It has been exported to a production system and used it for over 10 projects. Seems like when it was exported , the transitions were not included.

I build exactly the same workflow and used in these projects , and it works fine.

I am not planning to export any workflows from the sandbox again. Any idea what happened?




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