Transition taking extreme amount of time (3-4min) for one user

Josh Bedwell March 27, 2023

On this particular transition I have a screen pop up which requires the user to submit time spent and enter a comment.  They then click the transition name again at the bottom of the dialogue box and the issue makes the transition.  For most users it takes a maximum of 3 seconds once the info is filled in and the transition name clicked at the bottom.  For this user it takes 3 MINUTES or more.  He got a new work laptop and after transferring his stuff (settings and files) he is in the same boat.  We have cleared the MS Edge cache several times.  He has mozilla firefox too, and its better but maybe 1 min over 3min.  His internet is not the greatest but no worse than mine (through VPN).  30-50mbps download and 2-4mbps upload while on VPN.  I worked this way for years, and I had no such issues in this workflow or instance.  Our jira instance helpdesk is saying he doesnt have enough ram.  He has 16GB just like I do and 48% is used by company nonsense, just like mine.  He carried something forward when the company backed up and "restored" his stuff to this new laptop.  I am looking for any ideas we can try to free up this issue.  

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Radek Dostál
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March 27, 2023

Well, what I get from this are couple things, I'll start with the obvious one:


Our jira instance helpdesk is saying he doesnt have enough ram.

Whoever said that should be put in a corner for a week to think about what they did, find somebody else to talk to other than this person.


Once you find somebody who is not entirely incompetent, the first thing they will want is a HAR file. Since a HAR file may contain sensitive data, cookies and headers, it's best not to put it up here, but a competent admin will know what to do with it.

What the HAR file should prove is whether this is a network related issue or not - and this goes (most importantly) hand in hand with tomcat logs which the admin can check to see the response time for the user when they tried to transition an issue. In the logs, essentially they can see how long Jira took to respond to the transition request. If it's high - that indicates the problem is in Jira. If it's low (say, 3 seconds), and the user claims that request took minutes (confirmed by the HAR file) - then that would indicate network problems. There are a few extra things here and there but that's the gist of it, assuming that the rest of the userbase is not having problems.

The takeaway from this is that both HAR as well as tomcat logs will narrow down the location of the issue. If it's on the server, then the service team will need to investigate what's holding that request, if it's network (specifically by tomcat/lb logs having far lower duration than what the user experiences), then that of course gets complicated quite a lot.


Long story short is that we cannot tell you why that would be, I know for a fact transitions are not exactly the smoothest thing in Jira, but minutes are far too much, especially if you say that other users are fine, but only specific user(s) are affected. This on principle tells me it's something the users have in common. We'd need the logs, har files, all of which are typically sensitive, and perhaps even need to do some more stuff to the servers for extra details, so this is something that service team has to work on with you.

What I do find especially odd is the notion of a new laptop being the connection. If that were so (maybe some really, really trippy and terrible software on it?), I would assume you would see the problem elsewhere, not just workflow transitions.

In any case, the first point would be to find somebody who is actually competent enough to understand where to look and confirm whether this is a problem in Jira or not - and the RAM guy or gal is not the one.

Josh Bedwell March 28, 2023

We began this process and just after recording the HAR for the event I discovered the company had a new version of edge out there. I had him install it and it fixed the issue. His previous issue was a corrupt audio driver causing massive failures, slowdowns and blue screens. Once that was solved FF and chrome worked fine and edge didn’t so that narrowed it down to reloading edge. It also let me know the new Jira guy isn’t any sharper than me. In fact less. 

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Josh Bedwell March 27, 2023

Update. This workflow is shared between 4 projects. In one project it is as described. I cloned an issue into my sandbox project which shared this workflow and it works normally for the user. 

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