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Cristian Caravan June 3, 2022

Good afternoon everyone,

I am new to Structure Formula but I am wondering if it is possible to have in structure a field that calculates based on past 6 months completion rate when all items will be resolved (burndown).

So for example:

Team A (Jira Group, i have a special field that extracts that info) resolved 17 items in the past 6 months which results estimate date finished of the left 24 items in DATE. 

and another formula that simply says when (based on Estimates) is Team A going to deliver 


Thank you in advance

Ionut Caravan

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Nicholas Ellis _ALM Works_
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June 3, 2022

Hi Cristian,

Welcome to the community!

To do this in a formula column we would likely have calculate our burndown rate based on the past 6 months.  Which could simply be a structure of all completed issues in that time that rolls up the estimates.  This should get us to a number like 108 story points over 6 months.  This gives us 18 points per month.  

Then looking at work to be completed we can create a structure of our backlog (ideally ordered by rank) to create a formula like so:

WITH months = ROUND(SUM#preceding{storyPoints} / 18, 1) :
  CONCAT(months, "m")

Then as you go further and further down the backlog you can see how long it should take to get to each item, in number of months.  The preceding modifier keeps adding the estimate of issues above so as we get lower and lower in the backlog our estimate increases.

The other option of course is there are other tools for doing precisely this.   You can checkout the list here.  Full discloser ALM Works does make one of these such tools.

Nick [ALM Works]

Cristian Caravan June 7, 2022

Thank you very much Nicholas, will look into using what you mentioned.

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