My Kanban Board isn;t showing tickets

Gerry Bolger December 7, 2020

I created aKanban board and worked through the tickets, and left it. I created a filter to import the tickets into a confluence page, and since then the swimlanes have van ished. but the tickets are in there 'somewhere'


I'm a newbie here so, what could I have done wrong.

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Prashant Sangappa Shivashimpi December 7, 2020

Hello Gerry,

Yes, you're right.! Issues are there in the instance. Could you please try below options:

* Search for issues of this project in search menu.

* Also go to board settings and see the board configs and filters on the left hand side menu. Verfiy the swimlanes section as well here.


It may be that this filter has some restrictions for your profile. Please let me know and also provide some more details with screenshot  in case things does not work.




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