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Lakshmi S April 18, 2023

Hi Team,

We have field name called "Treatment:, it came up with addon "Risk Register". By mistake I unlock this field to check something using script mentioned in this scrip runner document. 


When I ran the second script to unlock, the field "Treatment" is moved from "Managed" tag to "Locked". With "Managed" tag, I can configure the field, but not with "Locked". Is there any possibility to put it back from "Locked" to "Managed" ?

Please find the attached screenshots for your reference.

Before change :



After Change :



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Lakshmi S April 26, 2023

Solution : It worked.

If we run the second script again but change ConfigurationItemAccessLevel.LOCKED to ConfigurationItemAccessLevel.ADMIN this should return the field to 'managed' and allow edits to be made.

import com.atlassian.jira.component.ComponentAccessor
import com.atlassian.jira.config.managedconfiguration.ConfigurationItemAccessLevel
import com.atlassian.jira.config.managedconfiguration.ManagedConfigurationItemService
import com.atlassian.jira.issue.CustomFieldManager
ManagedConfigurationItemService managedConfigurationItemService = ComponentAccessor.getComponent(ManagedConfigurationItemService)
CustomFieldManager customFieldManager = ComponentAccessor.getCustomFieldManager()

def cf = customFieldManager.getCustomFieldObjectByName('Treatment')

if (cf) {
def mci = managedConfigurationItemService.getManagedCustomField(cf)
if (mci)

{ def managedConfigurationItemBuilder = mci.newBuilder(); def updatedMci = managedConfigurationItemBuilder .setManaged(true) .setConfigurationItemAccessLevel(ConfigurationItemAccessLevel.ADMIN) .build(); managedConfigurationItemService.updateManagedConfigurationItem(updatedMci); }
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Peter-Dave Sheehan
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April 18, 2023

I would suggest you query all the details of either another locked field from that addon or the same field in a different instance to view all the attributes of the mci.

Then remove the fields from the managed configuration and add it back with the missing property.

For example, the only managed items I have are related to agile. The code on that kbase for adding the item back is missing a step to set the source and i18n description



There should be something similar for your field.

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