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I'm New Here
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April 21, 2021

Currently moving from Windows 10 Machine to a Ubuntu Server 18.04 for running 20 Plus scripts that interact with Jira Core (self-hosted).  The issue we and myself are having is tring to create a New-JiraSession.  (Keep in mind on Windows 10, we are in full production with no hiccups).  Both machines are VMs on the same VLAN.  


The issue is that on Linux .... Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.WebRequestSession is not being created .  


This is the -Debug and -Verbose readout:


VERBOSE: [Invoke-JiraMethod] Failed to get an answer from the server
DEBUG: [Invoke-JiraMethod] Executed WebRequest. Access $webResponse to see details
VERBOSE: [Test-ServerResponse] Checking response headers for authentication errors
DEBUG: [Test-ServerResponse] Investigating $InputObject.Headers['X-Seraph-LoginReason']
VERBOSE: [Invoke-JiraMethod] No Web result object was returned from. This is unusual!
VERBOSE: [Invoke-JiraMethod] Function ended
DEBUG: [New-JiraSession] Adding session result to existing module PrivateData
VERBOSE: [New-JiraSession] Complete


I tried both our servers and https://powershell.atlassian.net on my companies equipment and my personal desktop Debian Buster and my laptop Ubuntu 20.04.  Works slick on Windows.

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